Women gets epic $1300 beauty haul at Ulta for just 26 cents – here’s how you can, too

A WOMAN wowed people as she showed her epic $1300 beauty haul at Ulta for just 26 cents.

The beauty fanatic showed how you can score your own haul, too – with coupons and Ulta's reward system.

The haul was shared by TikTok user Vikki Brown – whose handle is @vikkibrown2018.

She shared several videos as she revealed her total purchase of $1,397.64 dwindling down to just more than a quarter at the makeup and beauty store.

Vikki got 35 items – including a Dyson blowdryer that costs $400 – nearly free.

She shared the secret to getting her $1300 purchase down to just $0.26.

"What I do is I spend $1200 a year to stay Diamond all the time, so my points never expire" she told her followers.

The "Diamond" status refers to Ulta's ULTAmate rewards program – which tiers members based on how much they spend in a calendar year.

She said she only makes purchases on days when the beauty store is offering 3x, 4x, and 5x pointson purchases.

Vikki said there's also one day a year that the store offers 10x points.

This means Ulta offers three to ten times as many points as they would on normal days, when people get one point per $1 spent.

"I save, save, save – never, ever, ever spend my points at all," she told her followers.

In her hauls, she said she's gotten two Dyson blowdryers – which sell for $400 – along with a Dyson flatiron ($500), and mini fridges.

"Your best bet is to do the 20percent off coupons that go toward everything, not just one item," she told her followers.

People went wild for the haul.

"I'm starting to save mine for this reason!" one person commented.

"I work at ulta and it is genuinely so fun for us when people redeem all their points and get their big purchases free!! We love it," one person commented.

One person wrote: "I'm trying to be on the status by Christmas."

Another woman showed her makeup haul, as she bagged items for around $1.

One mom paid just $4 for nearly $900 worth of food thanks to extreme couponing.

In other shopping hauls, The Radford family showed their Christmas haul as they got food to feed twenty people.

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