Who attended the Handforth Parish Council meeting on December 10 and why did it go viral?

HANDFORTH parish council made headlines after an explosive zoom call went viral.

The online meeting on December 10 ended in chaos, but what happened and why was it so popular?

Who attended the Handforth Parish Council Meeting on December 10?

Members of Handforth Parish Council on the call included viral sensation Jackie Weaver and other rather fiery members of the team.

Jackie Weaver

Jackie Weaver is the meeting clerk from the Cheshire Association of Local Councils.

She was taking part in a meeting of the Handforth Parish Council.

The Zoom meeting on December 10, 2020, ended in chaos with those taking part trading insults and throwing one another out of the online call.

Brian Tolver

Chairman of the Handforth parish council and self-proclaimed clerk was evicted from the zoom meeting – which caused outrage.

He told Jackie to "stop talking" and that she had "no authority here".

Aled Brewerton

Vice-chairman Aled Brewerton was one of the most vocal during the explosive call.

After Jackie kicked Cllr Tolver from the meeting, Cllr Brewerton was heard saying "she's kicked him out."

When Jackie suggested electing another chair, Brewerton said: "No they don't because the vice chair is here, I take charge"

He then started yelling at Weaver, telling her to “read the standing orders, read them and understand them!”

Councillor Susan Moore, Barry Burkill and Cllr Cynthia Samson, Cllr John Smith were also on the call.

Why has the Handforth Parish Council meeting gone viral?

The meeting at 7.30pm quickly became acrimonious following an earlier meeting at 7pm of the Planning and Environment Committee where chair Brian Tolver had been removed.

The later meeting appears to start with an unseen councillor mumbling “f**k off” under his breath.

Tolver then said he refused to recognise the legitimacy of both meetings, telling Weaver she had no authority and to “stop talking”.

In response Weaver removed him from the meeting and placed him in a virtual waiting room.

Vice-chair Aled Brewerton, along with an unnamed man, then started yelling at Weaver, telling her to “read the standing orders”.

Councillor Susan Moore then called for civility but the meeting erupted into laughter and two more councillors, Brewerton and Barry Burkill were removed.

Confusion then started over Tolver's Zoom username, in which he had labelled himself the "clerk".

Weaver said: "The chairman simply declared himself "clerk" and notified everybody of the case.

"There is no way of stopping him from calling himself clerk. Please refer to me as Britney Spears from now on."

Those still taking part in the meeting then voted to refuse the three men back into the meeting with Cllr Cynthia Samson likening one to a "laughing hyena".

What has happened since the December 10 meeting?

The “bully boy” councillors seen berating Jackie Weaver in a viral video could face disciplinary action, the Sun Online can reveal.

A source told the Sun Online: “This video has shone a light on an issue that has been going on in the council for way too long. 

“Lots of people might be laughing about it, but senior officials at the council are not impressed at all and will be looking at it. 

“It is clearly not an acceptable way to behave and those seen shouting and screaming could end up being on the end of some strict disciplinary action.”

Jackie Weaver appeared on Good Morning Britain as Piers imitated the so-called "bully boy" councillors who lashed out at her on the video call.

Defending her position on GMB today, Jackie said: "Both sides are going to argue that they're right, but I am still of the opinion I was correct because of the way the meeting was called.

"I have always been very clear who had authority in that meeting… me."

She added: "It wasn't a full council, it was an emergency meeting called by two councillor and as the chair points out the meeting hadn't even started."

She joked she'd had "the standing orders tattooed on a place I would not necessarily like to share with you all."

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