What was written on Dominic Cummings' whiteboard?

BEFORE Dominic Cummings gave evidence on the Government's handling of the Covid-19 pandemic, he tweeted a picture of an early plan of No.10's response.

But what was written on the whiteboard? Here is everything you need to know…

What was written on Dominic Cummings' whiteboard?

The whiteboard contained an early plan with branches of ideas including an app and the names of people who would be involved in leading the fight against the virus.

Below we breakdown the key points written on the board.

1. 'No Vaccine in 2020'

The group assumed that there would be no vaccine in 2020 however this turned out to not be the case.

On December 8, Margaret Keenan received her jab, becoming the first Brit to get the vaccine.

2. Key names

At the top of the whiteboard are the names of the key people involved in leading the UK out of the pandemic.

The names written down include the Prime Minister, Cummings, Sir Patrick Vallance, the government's chief scientific adviser, Christ Whitty, England's chief medical officer and Ben Warner, a data scientist from the Vote Leave campaign.

3. 'Our current plan means 4,000 people dying at peak'

The board notes: “Our current ‘plan’ means 4k p/d dying @peak.”

This "plan" appears to be the strategy which the Government published on March 3 which was to contain, delay, research and mitigate the virus.

4.'Who looks after the people who can't survive alone??'

While speaking at the select committee on March 26, Cummings said that there was no plan for those who were vulnerable.

5. App

The word App floats in the middle of the board.

This could be referencing what would be the contact tracing app which was to play a vital ole in helping to control the virus when lockdowns ended.

6. New rules for social contact

There were three social contact rules written on the board – "less contact, no contact, contact illegal".

7. Plan B – full lockdown

On the board, it was written that a full lockdown should be brought in before "collapse which means in 2 weeks?".

At the select committee Cummings said there was failure to follow in the steps of east Asian countries like Taiwan and Singapore which brought in stricter rules before cases rose dramatically.

8. 'Who do we not save?'

The final sentence on the board is the most chilling -"who do we not save?".

While the NHS avoided collapsing, care homes suffered the most throughout the pandemic.

During the select committee on May 26, Dominic Cummings sensationally claimed that the Health Secretary reassured them that people were being tested in hospitals before being sent back into care homes but "that hadn't happened".

When was it written?

Dominic Cummings claimed the plan on the whiteboard was written on Friday evening of March 13, 2020.

On March 23, 10 days later, the PM announced the first lockdown ordering people to "stay at home".

Why is it controversial?

Speaking at the select committee today, Cummings claimed that Boris Johnson was warned by top civil servants that "we're completely f***ed" in the early days of the pandemic hitting the UK.

Giving bombshell evidence, the PM's ex-aide accused Johnson of dismissing Covid as "just swine flu" and a "scare story".

He admitted that he and the PM "failed" the UK by not locking down the country weeks before.

Cummings said that he should have been "hitting the panic button" earlier than he was and that he should have locked down in the first week of March.

He went on to say that March last year was like an "out of control movie".

"Imagine this is like a scene from Independence Day… your whole plan is broken and you need a new plan – that is what the scene was like," he explained.

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