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DOGGING is a British slang term for having sex in public as other people watch.

The practice occurs up and down the country as randy exhibitionists play out their fantasies in car parks and woodland across the land. Here is everything you need to know about the raunchy pastime…

What is dogging?

Dogging is a British slang term of having sex in public while other people watch.

The practice usually occurs in car parks and woodland and frequently involves strangers in an either active or voyeuristic role.

In 2003, the term "dogging" rose to prominence when it was reported that the craze was sweeping the internet as exhibitionists used the web to set up meets.

The practice has spread to other countries, including the US, Canada, Australia, Scandanavia, Barbados and Brazil.

How popular is public sex in the UK?

Public sex seems to be something of a national hobby for a great many Brits.

A 2016 survey revealed that 43 per cent of Brits admitted to getting it on in a public place.

The study conducted by TV channel Alibi showed that it was in fact the second most common crime, after speeding, people admitted to having committed.

In October, 2020, research revealed 10,290 horny Brits had searched online for "sex outside" during just one month of Covid restrictions.

Where are the UK's most notorious dogging sites?

Dogging seems to be pretty much nationwide with virtually every county apparently having a site according to various hook up websites.

The activity seems particularly popular in South London with one survey claiming that 12 of the 21 most popular sites were in the area.

Neighbouring Kent also featured highly on the list but people getting frisky al fresco is by no means restricted to the South East.

One survey claimed Manchester was the UK's number one city for dogging but there are well known sites in the Midlands, across the North, East Anglia, the West Country, Wales and Scotland.

Earlier this year. The Sun revealed that an idyllic Cotswolds village was a top dogging spot as well as a tiny village owned by Prince Charles.

And in 2020, The Sun reported that horny couples were scoring at a dogging spot next to Watford FC’s stadium.

Dr Lisa Van Zyl has called for legalised and normalised dogging spots after becoming exasperated by coming across people having sex in cars in family places.

Is dogging illegal?

Although the practice of dogging is not explicitly banned by one particular law, there are a multitude of offences anyone one caught doing the dirty in public could be charged with.

These include anything from indecent exposure, public lewdness and gross indecency, to name a few.

People caught dogging could be prosecuted under the Sexual Offences Act 2003 or under the common law offence of outraging public decency.

In some cases doggers have found themselves on the sex offenders register.

In February, 2021, doggers were warned by police their illicit meet-up did not fall under "essential travel" during the national lockdown.

And one man was fined £300 after breaking coronavirus lockdown rules to watch a couple dogging at an Oxfordshire beauty spot.

Where did the term 'dogging' come from?

The term is said to originate from people out walking their dog who came across people having sex in their cars or in public.

Another explanation is that people participating in the activity would use walking their dogs as an excuse to leave the house.

It has also been suggested that the phrase is derived from peeping toms who would dog couples having sex with each other.

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