Video shows Florida ‘Karen’ use racial slur against landscapers in tirade

A Florida woman was recorded repeatedly calling landscapers the N-word in a caught-on-camera tirade.

Footage posted to Instagram showed the unidentified, blond woman — who social media users have dubbed a “Karen” — shouting along a residential street in Orlando on Sunday at a crew of landscapers, saying “You f–king n—-r b—h.”

“Here’s the type of s–t we go through, man,” one of the landscapers says to the camera, as the woman stands on nearby on a sidewalk shouting at them.

She then comes closer to the landscapers, prompting one of them to call to the neighbors, “Hey, can you get this lady?”

“Yeah you f–king n—-r b—h,” the woman shouts before others nearby attempt to intervene.

“Have a good day!” one of the landscapers said to her before they got into their vehicle.

It’s unclear what prompted the altercation.

A second video posted to social media shows at least four Orlando police officers approach the woman as she screams obscenities at them.

“Oh, yeah!? F–king arrest me, motherf—ker!” she yells as one of the officers grabs her and places her arms behind her back.

“F–k you!” she adds.

The woman was not arrested, but taken to a medical facility for a mental evaluation, a spokeswoman for the Orlando Police Department said Tuesday.

Additional reporting by Vincent Barone

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