UK weather – Thunderstorms to lash Britain tomorrow but week-long 27C subtropical heat blast starts next week

THUNDERSTORMS will lash parts of Britain tomorrow before the weather turns warmer towards the end of next week.

Subtropical air is moving into the country, with the mercury reaching temperatures up to 27C.

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Met Office forecaster Greg Dewhurst said that while the heat continues to build across southern and eastern Europe this week, the UK remains in a "changeable weather pattern".

The forecaster said it will be fairly cloudy in the far north and west tomorrow, with parts of the UK experiencing sunny spells.

Eastern areas, however, will be hit by heavy showers – caused by air moving in from the Atlantic – during the day.

Temperatures will be between 14C and 16C on Friday morning before reaching up to 25C in the London region in the afternoon, Mr Dewhurst said.

He added it will feel a little fresher in western England and Wales with the mercury reaching 16C after lunchtime.

At the weekend and on Monday, more thunderstorms will hit the country, before Brits can enjoy warmer and sunnier weather conditions.

Mr Dewhurst said that thick clouds and heavy rain will batter southern England on Saturday morning before the sky starts to brighten up in the afternoon.

Northern Ireland and western Scotland are expected to remain cloudy but there could be some sunny spells too, he added.

Met Office forecaster Alex Deakin added that at the weekend, showers will be slow-moving because winds are expected to be light.

It means some parts of the country might experience very wet conditions, while others may not see any rain at all.

Temperatures at the weekend are expected to remain in the low 20s, with eastern England seeing highs of 22C.

According to the Met Office, a heatwave will hit the UK in the second half of July and the "hot spell" of weather is expected to last from July 19 to August 2.

The Met Office predicts that from the end of next week, "there is a chance of conditions being warmer and drier than average overall."

Temperatures are likely to be above average, with the south feeling very warm or hot at times, forecasters said.

From the end of next week, warmer air is moving into the UK, with Sunday expected to be sunny and dry for most of the country.

London could experience warm weather conditions with the temperatures hitting 27C.

From July 19 onwards, the mercury is set to remain in the mid-20s for most of England and Wales, forecasters have said.

Parts of Scotland could also experience highs of 24C, according to the long-range forecast.

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