Tulsi Gabbard ends 2020 campaign and endorses Joe Biden to defeat Trump – The Sun

TULSI Gabbard has dropped her bid for the White House.

The congresswoman from Hawaii announced she will suspend her Democratic presidential campaign in a video posted to her Twitter account Thursday.

Instead of continuing her quest for the White House, she'll throw her support behind Joe Biden as several of his former rivals have in recent weeks.

"After Tuesday's election, it is clear that Democratic primary voters have chosen Joe Biden as the person who will take on President Trump in the General Election," she said.

"Although I may not agree with the Vice President on every issue, I know that he has a good heart, and he's motivated by his love for our country and the American people.

"I'm confident he will lead our country by the spirit of aloha, respect and compassion, and thus help heal the divisiveness that has been tearing our country apart."

Efforts to fight the escalating coronavirus pandemic is part of the reason why she's quitting the race for president, Gabbard said.

Her home state of Hawaii has recorded 14 cases of coronavirus as cases around the US total 9,414 with at least 150 deaths.

Last week, The Hill reported that Gabbard called for introducing a universal basic income of $1,000 per month until the virus is "no longer presents a public health emergency".

The 38-year-old war veteran served in the Hawaii Army National Guard – where she became friends with Biden's son Beau – in a combat zone in Iraq from 2004 to 2005 before she was later deployed to Kuwait.

Gabbard formally announced she would seek the Democratic nomination in 2020 on January 11, 2019.

She made waves in October 2019 when former presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton suggested Gabbard was Russia's "favorite" 2020 candidates and that they were "grooming" her for a third-party run to throw a wrench in the upcoming election.

The war veteran slammed Clinton's assertions in a CBS News interview days later, claiming that the former first lady was trying to "undermine" her campaign because "she knows she can't control me".

"We must end this long-standing foreign policy of being the world's police and ending these regime-changing wars, which is the legacy of Hillary Clinton, then we are traitors to the nation that we love," she said.

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