Trump adviser Stephen Miller blasts Biden's 'radical' immigration plan and says 'illegal work is now amnestied'

DONALD Trump's former adviser Stephen Miller has blasted Joe Biden's "radical" immigration plan, saying "illegal work is now amnestied".

Miller slammed Biden's immigration bill, telling Fox News it was the "most radical" ever.

He said: "It is the most radical immigration bill ever written, ever drafted, ever submitted in the history of this country. It is breathtaking.

"As just a few examples, under this bill every single illegal alien in the country who merely submits an application to the US government, if they want to work, they are work authorized. Immediately."

Miller said that "the most insane thing" in the bill is that Secretary of State Antony Blinken would be required to create a process for immigrants deported during the Trump administration to apply to become citizens.

He added that illegal immigrants in the United States would be able to be hired "immediately".

Miller said: "When you have 20 million Americans who want full-time jobs right now, but because of the pandemic they can’t find them, illegal hiring is amnestied and illegal work is amnestied.

"In the bill, it says anyone who has lived in the country for at least three years and was deported by Donald Trump can reapply."

He described it as a "full-scale attack on the very idea of nationhood".

Miller said: "This bill is so crazy, that under its own terms if you came her on a student visa say six months ago, you dropped out of school, you failed to show up to class, you violated the terms of your arrival and you were supposed to go home and you didn’t go home and you were living here for just a few weeks even you can get full citizenship in this country."


Earlier this month, Biden revived the “catch and release” policy which will see newly arrived illegal immigrants at the US-Mexico border released back into US cities.

The President signed an executive order revoking former President Donald Trump’s ending of the controversial practice – which allows undocumented migrants to remain in the US while awaiting immigration proceedings.

The executive order is part of sweeping changes Biden has already made to immigration policy.

Biden will allow 25,000 asylum seekers from Mexico to come into the United States from today while they wait for hearings.

Homeland Security said the move “should not be interpreted as an opening for people to migrate irregularly to the United States.”

Administration officials have said repeatedly that the vast majority of people who cross the border illegally are quickly expelled under a public health order in place since the pandemic struck in March, but releases of some asylum seeking families in Texas and California has gone against that messaging.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Thursday that she was concerned that limited releases in the US may encourage others to cross illegally because “we don’t want people to put themselves in danger at a time where it is not the right time to come, because we have not had time to put in place a humane and moral system and process".

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