The 17 dodgiest claims Piers Morgan blasted Meghan Markle for telling Oprah about Royal life

PIERS Morgan set out 17 claims Meghan Markle made in her and husband Harry's interview with Oprah Winfrey that he said were “completely untrue or massively exaggerated or unprovable”.

The ex-GMB host was yesterday cleared by Ofcom after accusing the Duchess of making up the claims – here we take a look at them.


Real wedding took place earlier

This claim has since been proved not to have happened.

Meghan claimed her and Harry were secretly married by the Archbishop of Canterbury in the garden at Nottingham Cottage three days before the official wedding in May 2018.

But their wedding certificate proved this was not true.

The Archbishop of Canterbury later confirmed it didn't happen, saying: "I would have committed a serious criminal offence if I signed it knowing it was false".

Archie 'wasn't allowed to be prince'

Meghan claimed the Royal Family refused Archie's birthright to be a prince after "concerns and conversations" about "how dark" his skin would be when he was born.

However, according to royal protocol, Archie can only receive a title when Prince Charles takes the throne.

King George V issued a writ in 1917 that only royal offspring who are in direct line of succession can be made prince and receive HRH titles.

Meghan 'never looked Harry up online'

Meghan claims she "never looked up my husband online" and "didn't do any research into the monarchy".

But according to the authors of Finding Freedom, Meghan looked up Harry via a thorough Google search for their first date.

Meghan had also known Princess Eugenie for several years before meeting Harry and old school friend Ninaki Priddy said Meg was "fascinated" by both the Royal Family and Princess Diana.

Meg 'hadn't seen sister for almost 20 years'

Meghan dismissed her estranged half-sister Samantha Markle by saying she had not seen her for "at least 18, 19 years".

But a photograph shows Meghan smiling and with her arm around with Samantha at her graduation in 2008.

TV wasn't ever part of the plan

Meghan agreed when Harry said working with TV companies, such as streaming giant Netflix, was not part of the plan when they first planned a move to the US.

It has since been revealed the couple started speaking to Quibi video streaming in early 2019.

Meghan was also in talks with Netflix in 2018 about an animated TV series and earlier this year the couple announced their first Netflix production, which will focus on the Invictus Games.

Meg's passport was taken from her

Meghan claimed during the Oprah chat that she'd had her passport taken from her.

She also said she was unable to "just leave".

However, after meeting Harry, she must have still had her passport to hand – as the couple jetted off on 13 holidays together, including breaks in Ibiza, Nice and Amsterdam.

She also travelled without Harry to New York and Toronto.

Silent or silenced?

Meg claimed she was silenced by the Royal Family.

But in reality, she went on 73 public appearances as a working royal.

She gave an interview with the BBC with Harry for her engagement.

And famously, she gave a tearful interview to Tom Bradby for ITN when in South Africa.

Papers 'withheld story on her dad to cause maximum harm'

Meghan claimed the Mail on Sunday withheld a story on her father Thomas Markle setting up fake pap pics for a month.

She said the paper only published those images in its edition closest to her wedding.

In fact, the newspaper was working on the story for several weeks and only chose to publish it 24 hours after securing final CCTV proof.

Press created drama over Thomas Markle

Meghan claimed the press created news about Thomas to create drama.

But Thomas says he spoke to the press because Meghan cut him off first – just days before her wedding.

He is demanding his own Oprah interview.

Security was taken away

Meghan said security was removed from her, Harry and Archie, despite fears for their safety.

But when they quit their royal duties, they lost their Internationally Protected Persons status.

Senior royals do not get a taxpayer-funded 24/7 security if they are not working royals.

Press team didn't defend her

Meghan said her press team did not defend her in the news.

But journalists say many things were kept out of the newspaper when her press team said they were untrue.

Her press team launched two IPSO complaints – winning one and losing the second.

Banned from lunching with pals

The Duchess said she was banned from going to lunch with friends.

In fact, newspapers turned down many paparazzi photos of Meghan out of the confines of the palace.

Royal author Andrew Morton described how Meghan was often seen walking to Whole Foods Supermarket on Kensington High Street.

No training in how to be royal

She claimed there was no training on how to be a royal – but like all members of the Royal Family, Meghan was sent on SAS training to deal with potential kidnapping.

Finding Freedom revealed she was also given informal training on royal life including exiting cars in a skirt and curtseying.

Holiday parties with the paps

Meghan described cosy 'tabloid holiday parties', which she claimed were held between royals and the press at the palace.

Such parties don't exist.

However, occasionally journos are invited in for a pre-tour get-together.


Concerns over Archie's skin colour

The single most damaging claim for the royals were allegations of "conversations" and "concerns" about the colour of Archie's skin when she was pregnant.

She has refused to name the member of the Royal Family she alleges made the comment.

But her story differs from Harry's. He says the conversation happened at the beginning of their relationship.

Ignored when she asked for help

Meghan says she was ignored when she asked HR for support saying she felt suicidal.

She told Oprah she spoke to human resources rather than the Royal Family.

But over the years, several members of the Royal Family have sought help, including Prince Harry.

The Duke even fronted initiative Heads Together with charity Mind to end stigma of mental health.

It is also understood Meghan got help from Diana's former confidante Julia Samuelson and had her own therapist.

Kate made Meg cry

Meghan claims Kate made her cry at a bridesmaid fitting before her wedding.

But journalist behind the original story – which alleged that in fact Meghan made Kate cry – sticks by her sources.

There have subsequently been claims that Kate went to apologise and Meg threw flowers in the bin.


Harry also made a series of claims that have since been questioned.

He described to Oprah the moment he took Archie for a bike ride in California, and said he was unable to enjoy that as a child.

However, on at least two occasions in Scilly Isles and and Sandringham while still a child, he was photographed riding behind his dad, just like Archie.

He also said he was "literally cut off financially" by the Royal Family.

This is disputed by Clarence House and Prince Charles. who has funded Harry and Meghan.

He also benefited from millions left by Princess Diana and the Queen Mother.

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