Sven Badzak murder: Mum sobs 'my only son was killed for fun' as £20k reward offered to find knife killer

THE Sun today offers a £20,000 reward to catch the killers of a trainee lawyer stabbed to death on an errand for his mum.

Sven Badzak, 22, who went to the same school as Princes William and Harry, was viciously knifed with a pal when they were pounced on by a gang of eight youths.

The aspiring lawyer had only popped out to buy his mum orange juice and a salmon bagel in Kilburn, North London, on Saturday when the horror unfolded.

His devastated mum Jasna told today how her son's fear of violent crime drove his dream to become a criminal or human rights lawyer.

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And she also spoke of her determination to bring his killers to justice – and praised The Sun pledge of a £20,000 reward for information.

Fighting back tears, she said: “The friends and families of the killers will know what they have done must not shield them.

“They must hand them over and they must be taken off the streets before another mother is left mourning like me.

“I am so grateful to the Sun for the reward and would appeal to anyone who knows anything to come forward and help the police.

"I want whoever did this to be jailed for the rest of their lives as well as anyone who helps them or lies for them. I'm appealing to their mothers to do the right thing."

Sven – who had been working as a train driver before landing his law job – had gone to work with his dad, building firm boss Dragomir Mikulic, hours before being stabbed.

His 16-year-old pal was also knifed in the bloodbath but broke free and sought refuge in a shop. He remains in a critical condition in hospital.

Jasna – a former Conservative association chairwoman – is now convinced her son was stabbed to death for kicks by a feral gang of local youths.

A police source there is "nothing to suggest" the two victims were involved in criminal gangs.

They also confirmed CCTV and witnesses "have revealed voices were raised and there was some kind of a confrontation before they were attacked".

Jasna told The Sun: “He went out to get me orange juice and a bagel on Saturday evening – I said it could wait but he insisted and that was the last time I saw my boy.

“He bumped into a young lad he knew but this gang of eight youths loitering nearby suddenly attacked them.

“It was motiveless – Sven and the other boy weren’t in gangs, didn’t do drugs and had no connection with them –  so it would seem these boys just did it for fun.

“They took my wonderful son’s life for kicks and they’re still out there, free to do it again to someone else’s innocent boy or girl.

“I’m calling on Boris Johnson to finally make the police get a grip on knife crime to stop this endless cycle.

“We could put 100,000 more police on the streets, but it won’t make any difference if they’re not allowed to do their job.”

Yugoslavian-born Jasna wept as she spoke of the good deeds which set Sven apart from the “soulless scum” who took his life.

She revealed how he leapt into action in 2017 the moment he saw images of the Grenfell Tower disaster which claimed 72 lives, just a mile from their home.

The mum from Kilburn, north London sobbed: “The moment he saw the smoke pouring from the tower he ran straight to his wardrobe and bagged up all his clothes.

“He said: ‘Mum, these people will have nothing and I have too much – so I’m going to help them.’

“Sven took virtually every item of clothing he had and lots of mine and went straight out to donate everything to the survivors of the fire.

“Then he borrowed my car, filled three shopping trolleys full of food from Waitrose and drove down there to hand out food supplies.

“He didn’t think in those situations – he acted.

“I still can’t believe someone as beautiful and kind as him has been taken from me.

“And I can’t believe his life was taken by horrible, reprehensible low-lives who murdered my only child for fun.”

Mum Jasna said Sven made it his ambition to become a top lawyer after honing his debating skills at the £8,000-per-term Wetherby School, attended by Wills and Harry.

He then went on to study sociology at the University of Roehampton in South West London.

Jasna said he had recently clinched a place at a top law firm and had the looks, charisma and intellect to become prime minister.

She fled civil war in Yugoslavia – but she said she no longer feels safe on the streets of the capital.

Jasna said: "I used to have a Kalashnikov rifle pointed in my face every day – but now I don't feel safe in the UK.

“My son abhorred violence – it was never in my mind he would be caught up in it.

“Sven would never hurt anybody, he would help old ladies in the street, give money to homeless people. Violence just wasn't on his planet."

Jasna said: "I can’t bear the thought of my boy lying in a mortuary while the animals who killed him roam free and their families stay silent.

“I want them caught.”

Sven’s murder followed an earlier knife crime rampage in South London which left a 22-year-old man dead and at least 11 others wounded in five separate incidents.

Boris Johnson today condemned the attack, saying: "My thoughts are very much with her and with her family in mourning the loss of her son.

"I want to see kids protected from some of the gang crime and knife crime, the culture of violence they are all too often sucked up in."

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