Skin-crawling pictures show why it’s essential to wash hands for 30 seconds amid coronavirus outbreak – The Sun

THESE skin-crawling pictures show just why it's so important to wash your hands amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Health authorities have encouraged Brits to wash their hands for at least 20 seconds in one of the most effective ways of stopping the deadly bug's spread.

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And actor Kristen Bell has thrown her support behind the message – sharing shocking photographs of the difference between hands that haven't been washed compared to those washed with soap for 30 seconds.

Writing on Instagram, the Frozen actress said her mum had sent her the snaps taken under ultraviolet light to highlight the importance of hygiene.


The series of pics show how a person's hand glows light blue before being washed.

It then shows hardly any difference after a "rinse and shake".

It's only when the individual starts using soap that a difference is seen – with the hand no longer glowing with germs.

Business Insider reports Bell’s mother was able to create the images using a UV light and a cream called Glo Germ.

The gel product is rubbed onto the hands like a lotion before being exposed to UV light where it can show a simulated spread of germs.

It comes as more than 100,000 cases have been reported globally, with more than 3,400 deaths.


According to the NHS, these are the 11 steps you should be following every time:

1. Wet your hands with water

2. Apply enough soap to cover your hands

3. Rub your hands together

4. Use one hand to rub the back of the other hand and clean in between the fingers. Repeat with other hand

5. Rub your hands together and clean in between your fingers

6. Rub the back of your fingers against your palms

7. Rub your thumb using your other hand. Do the same with the other thumb

8. Rub the tips of your fingers on the palm of your other hand. Repeat with the other hand

9. Rinse your hands with water

10. Dry your hands completely with a disposable towel

11. Use the disposable towel to turn off the tap

If you do not have immediate access to soap and water then use alcohol-based hand wash if available.

In the UK, there have already been two deaths and 164 cases.

Health bosses say the best way to protect yourself is to wash your hands with soap and water for the time it takes to sing Happy Birthday twice.

Happy Birthday takes about 20 seconds to sing twice and is said to be the perfect number to clean your hands to thoroughly.

You should also not touch your eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands and avoid close contact with people who are sick.

Cleaning and disinfecting objects and surfaces which you may have touched is also important.

Dr Daniel Atkinson, clinical lead at, said: "Hygiene is incredibly important to ward off any viruses.

"Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly – for at least 20 seconds – and cover your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze.

"If you can, avoid contact with sick people and avoid shaking hands with anyone displaying flu-like symptoms."

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