Shocking pic of paramedic staring at empty Sainsbury’s shelves after coronavirus panic-buying – The Sun

THIS shocking picture shows a paramedic staring at empty shelves after coronavirus lockdown fears saw people panic buy supplies.

It has been widely shared on social media as people called for NHS workers to get time in stores just for them to get their own much needed shopping.

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Many shops announced they were introducing an hour only for elderly people to brave the manic shops, with calls for NHS staff to be included in that too.

The picture, taken around 7pm on Tuesday, shows a medic stood looking forlorn at the end of a shift as empty shelves surround them.

They are facing away from the camera and holding a dangling basket in one arm as they take in the empty Wimbledon store.

It comes after a heartbreaking photo of an elderly man staring at empty shelves in Sainsbury’s captured the reality of people panic-buying during the coronavirus pandemic.

Yesterday supermarkets brought in widespread rationing for the first time since World War Two due to the coronavirus epidemic hitting the UK – and today cases rose to 2,692 and the death toll is 137.

Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Asda today set a limit of three for any item and two for essential products, such as toilet roll and handwash.

Pleas for shoppers to stop panic buying have not worked so far and this, coupled with issues getting some products from abroad, has pushed supermarkets to bring in strict new rules.

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