Serial rapist cop dubbed 'Smiling Maniac' attacked women then probed OWN crimes leaving victims terrified, police say

A SERIAL rapist cop dubbed the ‘Smiling Maniac’ was in charge of investigating his own sex attacks, police say.

Russian Alexander Satlaev, 31, has been detained in Northern Cyprus after escaping from prison. 

The ex-cop who served prison time in Siberia committed another rape before fleeing via Kazakhstan to Turkey and then Northern Cyprus, says Russian police. 

He was jailed for four years for robbery and attempted sexual assault. 

Satlaev managed to escape from Nicosia North Central Prison on February 8, by hiding in a room near the main entrance and walking out when a delivery truck was passing by. 

According to reports he was caught and taken to a police station but escaped again.

He was eventually found after a three-day operation, hiding in an empty house in Doğanköy (Thermeia), 19 miles from Nicosia.

In 2012 Satlaev sexually assaulted a woman while working as a detective in Gorno-Altaisk, Russia.

The woman was able to fight him off and reported the attack to the police but no action was taken.

A year later another victim realised that her attacker, Satlaev was also the detective assigned to her case.

Reports say he threatened her, forced her to write a false statement saying she had not seen the rapist’s face and asked her to withdraw her claim. 

He was later convicted of four rapes and seven attempts of rape.

Although he initially confessed to the crimes, he later denied the attacks.

He was sentenced to six years in a penal colony and sacked from his job in the police.

In 2019 he had been granted parole and left the country before DNA evidence revealed he had raped another woman in Barnaul.

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