NY Legislature needs to quit slow-rolling the Cuomo impeachment

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One week after state Attorney General Tish James landed her bombshell report on Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s alleged sexual misconduct, New Yorkers learn that the state Assembly is going to try to get to passing articles of impeachment . . . by the end of August.

Figures: Speaker Carl Heastie greeted James’ report by saying it meant Cuomo “has lost the confidence of the Assembly Democratic majority” and “can no longer remain in office” — then gave the gov a week to submit his rebuttal to the Assembly Judiciary Committee.

And that committee’s chairman, Charles Lavine (D-LI), said Monday, “Later this month we will discuss the evidence of this investigation in an open and transparent manner.”

Not “later this week” but “later this month.” Any bets on them missing Heastie’s Aug. 31 deadline?

This, when lawmakers have more than enough to easily justify impeachment on the gov’s coverup of COVID-related nursing-home deaths (that James report landed in January), a coverup that plainly benefited him personally by enabling his $5 million book deal.

Perhaps the speaker just hopes Cuomo will quit first so Assembly members don’t have to do all the work of impeachment. Or is he giving the gov more time to shore up his defense?

Lawmakers have reportedly already rejected Team Cuomo feelers of a deal for no impeachment if the gov drops plans to seek a fourth term next year — but delay can only give the governor hope that such a bargain is still possible.

And more delays are likely: The state Senate is reportedly only now in talks to hire lawyers with impeachment experience to help navigate the process.

Meanwhile, basic work doesn’t get done: The executive branch’s flops on delivering federal rent relief is only the most flagrant failing as the gov devotes all his energies to holding onto office.

Heastie & Co. need to quit stalling on impeachment and move ahead at full speed. Cuomo needs to know that resignation now is his best hope of avoiding worse.

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