North Carolina woman shells out $2,500 for rare hairless dog

A North Carolina woman has shelled out over $2,500 for a rare hairless dog that looks like the Egyptian god of death.

Wendy Scarborough, a dog rescue volunteer, collects rare dog breeds — among her pack are five Spanish podencos, two galgos, a golden retriever, a husky, a Labrador, a lurcher and a Persian Saluki — but became besotted with the Peruvian Hairless Dog.

She finally found her pooch — now called Fable — and had him flown 3,115 miles from Peru to her North Carolina home.

“They say she looks like an Egyptian statue and a lot of people refer to her as Anubis, the famous Egyptian god of mummification,” Scarborough said.

The dog was difficult to find as the breed was close to extinction in the early 1990s.

“There are very few breeders in the world now and there’s very few litters a year of Peruvian dogs,” Scarborough told told LADbible. “I tried for many years to get a Peruvian hairless in rescue but they are extremely hard to come by.”

While the dog’s looks are statuesque, Scarborough said that she’s actually “silly and playful.”

“Fable has such an expressionless face but she’s actually a very expressive dog when you get to know her,” she said. “Every time I go out with her I’m stopped at least five times.”

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