Michael Barrymore speaks about pool death investigation after accused released without charge

MICHAEL Barrymore has spoken of dying father Terry Lubbock’s quest for justice after a man was released without charge over his son Stuart’s death.

Cops announced two weeks ago that no charges would be bought against the 50-year-old suspect, following his arrest on suspicion of Stuart Lubbock’s murder.

The arrest came 20 years after Stuart, 31, died at a pool party at the now 69-year-old TV presenter’s mansion.

But Stuart’s dying dad Terry was told no charges would be brought.

Speaking to the Mirror, Barrymore said: “It’s a terribly sad situation for everybody.”

Essex Police said the CPS had ruled there was insufficient evidence to be able to successfully prosecute.

Terry, 76, who is in the final stages of his cancer battle, has vowed to keep fighting.

He said: “I will continue my fight for justice.”

The grieving dad added: “I know somebody at that party inflicted those injuries on my Stuart.”

In March, cops said a witness had given them “significant new information” about the case.

In June, Barrymore was quizzed by cops for the second time surrounding Stuart's death.

Detectives arrested the suspect in Cheshire “in connection with the indecent assault and murder of Stuart”.

A post-mortem found the dad of two had been sexually assaulted and had alcohol and drugs in his system.

Detective Chief Inspector Stephen Jennings said: “Essex Police has never given up on this case.

“All we want is to deliver justice for Mr Lubbock and his family.

Barrymore had no further comment on the case, saying “I have nothing to say at the moment”.

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