Kind-hearted girl, 9, collects thousands of teddies for children in war zones

A charity's appeal for teddies to give to kids in war zones prompted a nine-year-old girl to hand them her old ones.

But when Maggie Snodgrass asked school pals to join in and put an appeal on Facebook , she ended up with 4,000.

Mum Lyndsey, 43, said they woke up to bin bags full on the doorstep of their home in Harrogate, North Yorks.

“Nobody thought we’d literally be swimming in teddies.

It’s amazing that we’ve done so well,” she said.

About 3,000 were donated by local country house Stockeld Park.

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“We seriously only expected to get around 20 – we had to ask people to stop sending them in because we didn’t have anywhere to store so many,” said Lyndsey, 43, from Harrogate.

Lyndsey says she would regularly wake up to ‘bin bags full” of teddies on her doorstep – meaning almost daily trips to the estate agent, who’d helped promote the campaign by designing the social media campaign.  

“Stockeld Park wanted to clear out their Christmas teddies, and said we needed to collect them soon, and the estate agent said the same,” she said.

“Nobody thought we’d literally be swimming in teddies!

It’s amazing that we’ve done so well, but it’s definitely caused a bit of a headache.”

Its events manager Darren Smith said: “Teddies are a gift of comfort and love.

Donating a teddy to cuddle to more than 4,000 children in dire circumstances is a commendable act by Maggie.”

Lyndsey and Maggie will present them to Hereford-based charity the Teddy Trust, whose mission is “Never underestimate the healing power of teddy”.

It will give the bears to kids around the world suffering from starvation or abuse, such as refugees from Syria’s civil war.

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