Hunter Biden did business with missing Heidi Planck’s boss and president's son 'should have been charged over fraud'

MISSING Heidi Planck’s boss was closely involved in a business deal with Hunter Biden, according to emails found on the president son’s infamous laptop.

Heidi, 39, disappeared in highly mysterious circumstances after attending her 11-year-old son’s flag football game in Los Angeles on October 17. 

Cops raided her home and have been searching a landfill site 50 miles north of a building where Heidi was last seen on CCTV cameras in Downtown LA but so far her disappearance remains unsolved. 

Heidi’s ex husband Jim Wayne – who was the first to report her missing – has previously claimed to The Sun that cops are looking into her job as an accountant for Camden Capital managing partner Jason Sugarman as a main line of inquiry. 

Sugarman is currently under civil investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission over a scam in which he allegedly helped steal $43 million and leave a Native American tribe $60 million in debt. 

The news comes as:

  • The Sun exclusively reveals Heidi's 'boss did business with fraudster'
  • Bombshell claims about the party she went to before vanishing
  • Heidi cousin fears ‘something terrible happened to her’
  • Concerns raised over ‘criminal activity & guns fired’ at building

Earlier this month The Sun revealed that Sugarman’s business partner and convicted ringleader in the Indian bond scam Jason Galanis had links to Hunter Biden and the Gambino crime family.

Now a new cache of documents from Hunter’s abandoned laptop obtained by The Sun show that Sugarman himself was deeply involved with Hunter’s business dealings in China. 

And Jason Galanis’s brother told The Sun he believes it shows Hunter, 51, should have been indicted in the fraud scheme alongside his business associates. 

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The emails reveal that Sugarman was working alongside the president’s son and his Chinese business partners in 2015.

Hunter, his business partner Devon Archer and Sugarman collaborated to seal a deal between their company Burnham Financial Group and Chinese fund Bohai Harvest (BHR), according to the documents. 

The emails show Hunter later discussing how he could distance himself after Archer was charged over the Indian bond fraud and Burnham was named as the placement agent in the tribal bond offerings which fleeced the Oglala Sioux Indian tribe.

Hunter and Sugarman’s key roles in the Burnham deal with BHR are laid out in an email which Hunter sent to Bohai executive Henry Zhao and forwarded on to Archer on December 11, 2014.

He wrote: “It was great to catch up with you and discuss the Burnham business in detail last week in New York. 

“I hope having Jason Sugarman and (Burnham president) Andrew Godfrey explain the business and how it will all work together was informative.”


In another email the following month Archer can be seen introducing Heidi’s boss Sugarman to Hunter’s Chinese business partner Jonathan Li and arranging for a meeting at the BHR offices in Beijing. 

Archer wrote: “You are both close friends of mine and partners in my core holdings and initiatives moving forward.

“Jonathan is the CEO of BHR and the fearless leader of the team. Jason is a Board Director of Burnham and the other key shareholder along with me in the business.”

Then on June 25, 2015 Archer informed key Burnham players including Hunter: “Sugarman is coming to Beijing in July. Meeting with Harvest tentatively the 22nd.”  

Earlier that same day Hunter associate Neil Callahan suggested that Hunter, Sugarman and Archer should go to Beijing and “carve out 2 hours with Henry (Zhao) to do the pitch”.

Callahan added: “We need time with Sugarman and Biden to get them further up to speed and carve out roles for meeting.”


A later message from Callahan which Hunter was copied into in August 2015 while due diligence on the deal was taking place appears to reference Indian bond grift mastermind Jason Galanis.

Callahan wrote: “I appreciate all the efforts that Jason G and Devon have made to get our account in good standing, thank you.”

A 2014 slide deck presentation prepared for the Chinese investors lists Sugarman as a “director at Burnham Financial Group” while Archer is described as “managing partner and director”.

Hunter’s role was described in one of the slides as “broker dealer tuck-under enhances relationships”. 

According to an email to Hunter from his business partner Eric Schwerin, the president's son reported earnings of $166,666 from Burnham on his 2015 tax return.


The following year Hunter wrote to Henry Zhao to thank him after the Burnham deal with BHR went through.

The president’s son wrote: “I am so glad that we have concluded our joint venture between Harvest and Burnham.”

But further emails later that year show Hunter discussing with a lawyer and a PR consultant with deep ties to his father Joe how to react to media reports that his business partner Archer had been charged in the Indian bond scam.

An email from lawyer Michael MacPhail discusses giving “further consideration” over whether Hunter should “disclaim” his Vice Chairman title.

Hunter had been listed in Burnham’s promotional materials as Vice Chairman of the firm. 


Another email in May 2016 shows PR guru Robert Hoopes commenting that coverage of the case by the Wall Street Journal had been “better than I hoped”.

Hoopes added: “We aren’t in the headline or the lead paragraphs. And frankly I thought we might be.”

Commenting on the newly revealed emails, Indian bond fraud ringleader Jason Galanis’s estranged brother Derek Galanis told The Sun that he believes 100% that Hunter was not charged in the Indian bond fraud because of who is dad is.

Reformed criminal Derek – who has written about his experiences in the book Greed and Fear: The Galanis Crime Family – told The Sun: “It’s clear that Hunter helped finance Burnham, got paid from it, promoted it. 

“The emails also show that Hunter was aware of my brother Jason Galanis.  

“I want to make it clear, if Hunter’s dad wasn’t who he is, Hunter would have been charged.  

The emails also show that Hunter was aware of my brother Jason Galanis.  

“There's no doubt given how we charge conspiracy law in this country.”

Hunter's lawyer, George Mesires, stated previously that his client had nothing to do with his business partners' separate Native American bond scheme that was being run at the same time as the negotiations with the Chinese investors.

Mesires said: “The defendants invoked and used Hunter's name – without his knowledge – to lend their business venture more credibility.

“As soon as Hunter learned of the illegal conduct, and that his name was being used in this unauthorized and inappropriate manner, Hunter took immediate steps to ensure that his business interests would not be associated with the Burnham Group or with any of the defendants.”   

Representatives for Hunter Biden and Jason Sugarman could not be reached for comment. 

Sugarman was listed as a director for Burnham Financial Group while Archer was described as managing partner and directorCredit: The US Sun
Hunter's role was described as 'broker dealer tuck-under enhances relationships'Credit: The US Sun

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