Hundreds of boy racers flout Covid rules at car meets in London

Hundreds of boy racers flout Covid rules at illegal car meets in London – after police shutdown similar events in Nottingham and Essex

  • Hundreds of people gathered at Tesco in Brent Cross for a car meet last night
  • It is believed as many as 200 vehicles and up to 500 attended the illegal event
  • Police dispersed the group, who then moved on to Victoria Retail Park in Ruislip
  • Officers attended and broke up the event, which appeared to break Covid rules
  • It comes after police broke up Easter Sunday car meets in Nottingham and Essex 

Hundreds of boy racers last night flouted Covid rules at illegal car meets in London.

Up to 500 people and 200 cars are thought to have been involved in the event at the Tesco in Brent Cross.

It is believed to be one of the biggest car meets to take place during the Covid lockdown.

Photographs show cars taking up large areas of the car park, before racing for the exit after police arrived at the scene. One person attending described the event as ‘chaos’.

Officers were also pictured pulling over drivers – including the owner of a £60,000 Nissan – as people left the illegal meet-up.

But the determined car fanatics then moved on to Victoria Retail Park in Ruislip – where they gathered for a second time. 

Pictures show dozens gathered shoulder-to-shoulder as a battered-up BMW performs doughnuts in the car park.

Police were later seen arriving at the lockdown rule breaking event.

Current rules state you can meet in a group of six or a larger group of any size from up to two households.

In Ruislip, car fanatics also gathered for meet at Victoria retail park, in an event which breached Covid rules. Pictures show dozens gathered shoulder to shoulder as a battered-up BMW performs donuts in the car park

More than 500 people are thought to have attended one event at the Tesco in Brent Cross (pictured)

Much of the supermarket’s car park was taken up by as many as 200 vehicles last night (pictured)

However the Met Police today revealed no arrests had been made.

A spokesperson told MailOnline: ‘Police were called at approximately 8.24pm on Monday, 5 April to reports of a large number of cars gathered in a Car Park in Brent Cross.

‘Police were later called at around 9.40pm on Monday, 5 April to reports of a large number of cars gathered off Victoria Road, Ruislip.

‘Officers attended both scenes and those in attendance dispersed with no arrests made.

‘We remind the public that large gatherings are not allowed under the current Coronavirus regulations.’ 

It comes as Essex Police blasted organisers of a car meet which they described as a ‘clear and blatant breach’ of the Government’s Covid rules.

Police from the force were last night forced to break-up the large car meet on two separate occasions overnight on Easter Sunday.

Officers initially broke up the meet, involving around 450 cars which had been gathered in the car park of Sainsbury’s in Chelmsford.

However, after breaking up the illegal event, the group moved to the Manorway in Thurrock – where police again dispersed the vehicles.   

One person has been arrested and 22 people were given tickets for offences such as speeding and careless driving, police say.  

Chief Inspector Richard Melton, District Commander for Thurrock, said: ‘We acted quickly to deal with this challenging situation which involved a meet consisting of a very large number of vehicles.

The event at Brent Cross Tesco saw hundreds of cars gather in the supermarket’s car park

The event saw a mixture of modified boy racer vehicles and various other cars for the illegal event

Police were pictured at the scene of the Tesco car meet – as they attempted to break up the event

The drivers then raced out of the car park after the arrival of police, before heading to the next venue 

Police were seen pulling over vehicles, including a £60,000 Nissan and a BMW, as they left Brent Cross Tesco

The group then met up for a second time at the Victoria Retail Park in Ruislip, where police again turned up

Large groups of people were seen side-by-side at the event, which appeared to break social distancing rules

Police again attended the and broke-up the second event at Victoria Retail Park in Ruislip last night

‘These events do pose a danger to the public as there is often an element who will be driving anti-socially and dangerously.

‘Only a few years ago a young woman had to have part of her leg amputated after being hit by a motorbike at an illegal meet.

‘Our roads policing teams continue to work to tackle street racing, dangerous driving, and anti-social driving because we know the risk it poses and the harm it can cause.

‘The sheer number of vehicles involved posted a challenge to our officers but we had additional resources available to deal with it and were able to do so without anyone being injured.

‘An organised meet like this is also a clear and blatant breach of the Government’s Covid-19 regulations.’

Chief Insp Melton added that we continue to work with our partners to make this kind of activity more difficult to carry out.

He said: ‘Our partners at Thurrock Council have put additional measures in place, such as a public space protection order (PSPO) which give us increased powers to deal and disperse these events.

‘We will continue to work with them to keep you safe on our roads and in our communities.’  

It comes as hundreds of boy racers ignored Covid restrictions on Easter Sunday to gather for a car meet near Nottingham.

Photos show hundreds of car enthusiasts lining the streets under a bridge of the A453 near Ratcliffe-on-Soar Power Station and East Midlands Parkway station, in Nottingham, on Sunday evening.

Modified cars paraded up and down the blocked streets during the illegal event which had reportedly been advertised via the social media group UK Car Scene. 

Hundreds of car enthusiasts descend upon car meet despite the rule of six only allowing a meeting with one other household or six people

Modified cars paraded and celebrated during the illegal event which had reportedly been organised via social media group UK Car Scene.

 A mass exodus to East Midlands parkway followed, with queues blocking roads and roundabouts. Police then closed the entrance to East Midlands Parkway Station

The event was originally supposed to take place in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, but was quickly shut down by police.

Revellers then moved to an industrial estate in Bulwell, near Nottingham, where police reportedly watched on as hundreds gathered outside of their cars.

A mass exodus to East Midlands Parkway followed, with queues blocking roads and roundabouts. Police then closed the entrance to East Midlands Parkway Station.  

Nottinghamshire County Councillor Cllr Andrew Brown, Leake & Ruddington Division told West Bridgford Wire: ‘Why was this allowed to happen, it’s absolutely disgusting behaviour. As well as Covid rules broken, how many traffic regulations as well?.

‘Apparently it was attended by people from across the country and was organised by a car event website.’ 

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