Harry & Meg's smears that Britain's a racist country just aren't borne out by the evidence

Racist UK? No

IT is patently false to claim Britain is a racist country, as an exhaustive review has now concluded.

Indeed the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities says the success of ethnic minority Brits should set an example to the world.

That’s no surprise to those who grew up in FAR more racist decades. We should all be proud of the progress since.

Harry and Meghan smeared Britain before a global audience as institutionally prejudiced. But such claims are just “not borne out by the evidence”, the 264-page review says.

We must not be complacent, though.

Historic cases of racism have left their mark on some communities, who have a “deep mistrust” of the system.

And while professions including law and medicine have led the way on diversity and equality in the workplace, others lag behind.

But there is one place where “overt racism persists in the UK”: Social media.

Today, Thierry Henry reveals why he has abandoned it — and his anger that a public forum gives kids or anonymous thugs free rein to hurl vile racist abuse.

How, he asks, can YouTube instantly block a video over copyright when other sites cannot prevent criminal racism?

We’d love to hear the answer too.

False friends

NO ONE would have bet on Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron proving to be the world’s most dangerous individual peddlers of anti-vax lies. Yet so it has proved.

They didn’t stop at rubbishing our Oxford vaccine either.

They are also the authors of much of the jealous belligerence towards Brexit Britain over jabs. And either seems still capable at any moment of some random new outburst.

So it is jaw-dropping to find their names alongside Boris Johnson’s on a call for more global solidarity in the face of future pandemics.

EU chief Ursula von der Leyen reportedly refused to sign . . . neither solidarity nor statesmanship being her bag.

Fair enough, though. She may be reckless, useless and utterly self-interested but at least consistently so.

Keir oh dear

WE almost feel sorry for Keir Starmer.

There he is, maintaining the fiction that he has moved Labour on from Corbyn, when a leftie shadow minister is caught branding business “the enemy”. The reality is that far too many Starmer MPs are just thinly-disguised Corbynites.

Their adolescent politics align them instinctively with every fashionably woke or anti-capitalist cause, no matter how toxic with voters.

And, let’s face it, Starmer — who campaigned devotedly to install the old Marxist in No10 — is not immune either.

Which may explain why Labour, opposing a Government engulfed by the gravest crisis since 1940, is nose-diving in the polls.

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