Family face £150k bill after downpour floods home with raw sewage

Family face £150,000 bill after sudden downpour floods their home with raw sewage as they blame builders for ‘poor workmanship’

  • Michael and Ashmar Owen from Droitwich ‘heartbroken’ by mess flooding home 
  • Toilet spewed the sewage into their kitchen, living room and new extension 
  • Builders claim that the flooding was caused by a blocked drain at the home 

A family is facing a £150,000 bill after a sudden downpour flooded their home with  raw sewage as they blame the damage on builders’ ‘poor workmanship’.

Michael Owen, 45 and Ashmar Owen, 51, from Droitwich, say they were left heartbroken when a sudden downpour left their toilet spewing the disgusting mess – which proceeded to flood their kitchen, utility room, living room and brand new side extension.

The parents-of-two claim the issue – leaving them having to disconnect a sewage pipe every time there’s heavy rain – began when builders were working on a £105,000 two-storey extension.

Yet the builders dispute this, stating that there was nothing wrong with their work and the mess was instead due to a blocked drain. But for the couple when their home quickly became a living hell in April, 2019.

The family (left) were heartbroken by the damage caused when raw sewage (right) flooded their Droitwich home 

Pictured: The living room at the property, which was flooded by raw sewage leaving the family blaming builders’ workmanship 

The extension on the property in Droitwich (pictured) was wrecked when sewage burst through the home from the toilet 

Michael, an engineer, said: ‘We’d built the extension for my mother to live with us – she was lonely and we wanted our family all together.

‘But I heard her shouting for me and rushed downstairs to see a torrent of raw sewerage flooding out of the downstairs toilet and spreading everywhere.

Breakdown of the items damaged in the flood 

Living room: £5,590

Kitchen: £3,455

Extension: £3,310

Toilet: £46

Personal items: £2,549

Hotel bill during works: £4,500

Quotes to fix plumbing and extension: £130,550

Total: £150,000

‘We were panicking, trying to stop the stomach churning mess spreading but it was to no avail. The utility room, the kitchen, the living room and the entire extension were covered.

‘We called out Severn Trent Water who identified a small blockage – but they said it wasn’t enough to cause the issue.

‘They concluded that my two separate draining systems had been thrown into one and it was that that had caused the flooding. It was horrific – the stench was vile and it was our dream house. Now we’re finding ourselves paying for all this work over again.’

The family’s insurance refused to pay out, citing the reasoning as ‘poor workmanship’ – and since then, Michael and Ashmar have been in despair on how they are going to afford to repair the damage.

Ashmar, a palliative care nurse added: ‘When we got quotes about the repair and then included all the damage, it was coming up to over £150K. We can’t afford that – the stress it’s put on us all has been unbelievable.

‘It’s affected our day to day life, Michael is struggling to go to work and my mother-in-law feels guilty as we built the extension for her to live with us.

Pictured: Disgusting sewage floods the home in Droitwich, ruining the family’s kitchen in an incident they are blaming on builders 

‘It should have been perfect but instead we’re going to have to look at re-mortgaging the house.

‘We need everything from new floors, new floors, to an entire new kitchen and utility goods.’

MSB Building & Carpentry Services Ltd stated: ‘The poor workmanship simply cannot relate to the work done by MSB, not least because the owner’s insurer has declined to cover their loss on these grounds.

‘Other traders have also carried out work on the property since we left site and all our works were signed off by Building Control in April 2017, before we raised the final invoice and left our stage of the work complete.

‘All the works were overseen by Michael Owen in a full project management role and MSB have a long-standing reputation for quality and this is an isolated incident. We have many testimonials from long standing and returning customers.’


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