Facebook removes pro-Trump ad attacking Joe Biden because it featured 'false information'

FACEBOOK has removed a pro-Trump ad attacking Joe Biden because it contained "false information."

The ad was created by the America First Action PAC, according to Fox News, and shows a woman dialling 9-1-1 and being put on hold.

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The ad then showed likely Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden saying, "Yes!" alongside a, "Defund the Police" banner.

The ad was placed in Arizona, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, and was flagged by Politifact on July 29, according to Fox.

The PAC has called Facebook's decision to remove the ad "anti-conservative."

"Facebook's decision to take down this ad shows its anti-conservative bias," the PAC's communications director Kelly Sadler told Fox.

"America First Action has logged an appeal, but the threat of anti-conservative bias, targeting, and censorship remains ahead of Election Day in November and we must be vigilant in holding big tech, like Facebook, accountable."

Facebook confirmed that the ad had been removed after being fact-checked.

A spokesperson told Fox that ads that are found to have false information are not eligible to run as paid advertisements.

The video, however, can still be seen on the PAC's own Facebook page – but it does now carry a "false information" label.

The video also now links to Politifact's explanation of why the information in the video is false.

"A digital ad targeting former Vice President Joe Biden used edited video to suggest, wrongly, that the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee would defund the police," according to the site.

Joe Biden has said in the past that he supports police reform, but has made it clear – even writing an op-ed about it in June – that he does not want to defund police departments.

Trump's camp has been censored on social media several times in recent weeks over claims of spreading false information.

In July, Twitter actually removed a video Trump had retweeted that claimed there was a cure for coronavirus.

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