Ex-cop and girlfriend ‘starved and beat kids and baby was found with HEROIN in system’ – The Sun

AN ex-cop has been arrested by his former colleagues after his girlfriend's children were allegedly starved and beaten and her baby tested positive for heroin.

Damato Sanchez Murray, 29, was a deputy in Chester County, South Carolina, until he was sacked in 2018.

Murray was charged with abusing and neglecting children in his care between July 2019 and January 2020.

Police said they had evidence the children were mistreated and that a one-year-old tested positive for heroin.

Chester County Sheriff Max Dorsey said older children in the family were denied food and beaten.

Murray is accused of hitting a 12-year-old against a bunk bed and denying the child food, warrants state.

He also allegedly threw a nine-year-old in a closet, and injured an 11-year-old by slamming on the brakes while driving.

Murray's live-in girlfriend Rylan DeAnn Jackson, 30, was also charged with neglecting the one-year-old who had ingested heroin.

The investigation started in February after the South Caroline Department of Social Services contacted Chester deputies about the conditions the children were living in, reports The Rock Hill Herald.

No trial date has been set.

Murray was a sheriff's deputy for six months from February 2018 to when he was dismissed in August.

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