Driver brutally punched woman after she jumped on his car roof

The moment a road rage driver brutally punched a young woman and sent her tumbling to the ground after she jumped on the roof of his car

  • Woman jumped on to cars in London traffic on Bank Holiday Monday
  • Driver of a black Fiat leaps out and punches her in the ankle as she did a jig
  • Victim lands on the road with a thwack as man yells: ‘Are you f***ing nuts?’ 
  • Witnesses claim she was punched after trying same stunt on other vehicles 

A young woman was sent sprawling after being punched in the ankle by an irate driver who found her dancing on the roof of his Fiat Punto as he queued in London traffic.

The unnamed man can be heard yelling repeatedly ‘are you f***ing nuts’ before striking her on the leg during the incident in Forest Gate at around 3pm on Bank Holiday Monday. 

She lands on the road with a smack, before apologising profusely and asking her attacker to ‘take it easy’ while lying on her back on the Tarmac.

One witness said the woman had already walked on the roof of the white Toyota Prius at the traffic lights in Romford Road before jumping on to the black Fiat. 

@AminNumeroUno said: ‘Literally just saw this in Forest gate, its just crazy these days in east London. For those asking the back story behind this, she jumped from the roof of the white Prius to the bonnet of this car, then up the windscreen to the car roof’. 

He added: ‘What happened next… well she crossed the road and moved to another car lol’.  

People reacting to the video on social media pondered if she was ‘on drugs’ or an Extinction Rebellion protester. 

The young woman was seen doing a jig on the roof of this Fiat in London traffic on Bank Holiday Monday

The driver jumps out of his car and thumps her in the ankle to get her off his vehicle

The woman landed in the road with a thump before the man who beat her yelled: ‘Are you f***ing nuts?’

The bizarre incident took place on Romford Road in Forest Gate, London around 3pm on Monday.

In the video, the woman is seen dancing on the roof of the man’s Fiat in the middle of a busy high street.

She addressed a man carrying shopping outside the local Superdrug, saying: ‘Enjoy it, yeah, enjoy it’.

Below her the driver briefly winds down his window before realising that the woman is on his roof doing a jig.

Suddenly the exasperated driver gets out of the car and punches the dancing female in the ankle. She is sent flying backwards off the car roof onto the street and fervently apologises to the furious motorist.

The footage was filmed by Twitter user @AminNumeroUno who said that the woman had been jumping from the roof of one vehicle to another on the high street. 

Many online viewers were left stunned by the man’s swift punch to the woman’s ankle.

One user wrote: ‘Nah the oldschool ankle punch always works!’ – another remarked ‘He didn’t have to activate the dreaded ankle punch. He went too far’.

Meanwhile others said this scene was typical East London.

One individual said: ‘Welcome to Romford Road’ Whilst another commented: ‘Typical Forest Gate this’. 

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