Creatures' bizarre behaviours caught on camera for photography award

We’re really wild! Creatures’ comic capers and bizarre behaviours are caught on camera for photography award

  • This years Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards have revealed their finalists
  • The images selected include a photo of a proboscis monkey smooching a tree
  • While another entry shows an Indian tiger seemingly proudly carrying a log

Cute animals caught in funny poses – what’s not to like?

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards have revealed which pictures have made the final this year.

In one a proboscis monkey is caught smooching a tree like an overexcited teenage boy, while another sees a gopher making an earnest attempt at playing a flute-like stick.

Another entry shows an Indian tiger proudly carrying a log as if he is taking a Christmas tree back to his family.

Jakub Hodan entered this photo of a proboscis monkey as it scratches its nose – but appears to be kissing the tree instead 

Andrew Mayes’ entry, titled Monday Morning Mood, features a pied starling which seems to be in a bad mood

Chee Kee Teo’s Time for School shows a smooth-coated otter being carried by its parent across a body of water

Other finalists include a Singaporean otter dragging its baby back and forth for swimming lessons and a pied starling, pictured right, who looks like she has a bad case of the Monday blues.

The photos will be on show at Birmingham’s NEC this month.

The competition is designed to highlight the hilarity of the animal kingdom.

The winning photographer will be treated to a week-long safari in Kenya.

Roland Kranitz entered this photograph of a squirrel which appears to be trying to use a blade of grass as if it were a flute

Siddhant Agrawal put forward this impressive photo of a tiger which appears to be carrying a large wood log over its shoulder

John Spiers managed to capture the moment when a pigeon was sat with a leaf covering its face

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