Couple named 'Alan & Karen' slammed for giving restaurant chef printed list of demands on how to prepare their burgers

A COUPLE has been slammed for giving a restaurant a printed list of demands on how to prepare their burgers.

The pair named Alan and Karen was criticised for bringing a bullet-pointed list with detailed instructions for the chef.

The list titled: "How to prepare Alan and Karen's burgers to go" included separating the meat and buns of their burgers as well separate veggies, cheeses and fries.

It reads:

  1. All buns in one container
  2. All meats in one container. PLEASE burger patties as rare as possible (Just brown each side)
  3. All veggies in one container
  4. All cheeses in one container
  5. Of course fries in separate containers
  6. Sauces or other items separate also.


A snap of the list was shared by a server in the Facebook group Don't F With Your Server with the caption: "Ok, so I don't usually post, but this I couldn't resist…

"2 guests came in today with their own printed instructions on how they wanted their food prepared. Absof******lutely, Karen…"

Social media users were quick to comment on the post and slam the couple.

One said: "that will be 15$ for the burger and 20$ for the containers…and oh! they didn't charge you last time? im gonna be also charging you for last time… thank you for your honesty!"

"Sounds like they need to go to a grocery store," someone joked.

Another one commented: "Solution: foil wrap & bag it. Bye, Karen."

Someone added: "I would have looked at this & said f**** no. Absolutely not. That’s entirely too many containers.

"I would have responded with 'this time s ridiculous & the order will not be filled this way. Either your burger comes made or make it yourself at home".

However, there were a few who defended the pair.

One wrote: "They will probably put the meat and the fries in a thermal warming bag.

"I would accept the compliment that they chose your restaurant for their road trip meal."

Another one added: "I'll say this.. yes it's annoying but at least they didn't try to ramble all that off to the server when they got there.

"You can pass the paper off to chef and make it easy on them also. A nice tip is def in order though."

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