Coronavirus – Randy Italian couple arrested for having public sex in a car breaching strict quarantine rules – The Sun

A COUPLE caught having sex in a car have been arrested for breaking strict coronavirus quarantine rules in Italy.

A 23-year-old Egyptian man and 40-year-old Tunisian woman were caught flaunting the country's COVID-19 lockdown measures by police in Mecenate, on the outskirts of Milan, on Monday.

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According to news agency ANSA, the pair were accused of ignoring a rule that prohibits two people from being in the front or back of a vehicle together.

People across the whole of Italy are being forced to adhere to the quarantine measures by law.

Italians are only allowed outside to buy food, give or receive medical care, or travel to work if absolutely necessary.

Anyone entering the country is under instruction to self-isolate for 14 days -unless for a stop over of under 72 hours or can prove that they must go to work.

It comes as 475 deaths from the disease were recorded in a single day on Wednesday.

Italy is struggling to cope with the outbreak, with more than 31,000 cases confirmed so far.

The death toll in the country is the highest outside China.

Some in the hardest-hit northern areas of Italy are said to be unable to cope with the number of bodies despite working around the clock.

Nurses in Italy have been taking to social media to reveal the state of patient care.

Some health care workers in the Lombardy region say the hospitals cannot cope with demand and they are running out of beds.

On Monday, a previously fit and healthy paramedic, 46, in Italy died from the coronavirus after telling his wife he was fine.

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