Converted shipping container is being let on Airbnb for a ‘hideous’ £200 a night – The Sun

A CONVERTED shipping container is being let on Airbnb for £200 a night.

The 10ft by 10ft steel box has a wood-burning stove and a wooden couch which also serves as a bed.

The price includes five litres of water, toilet paper, tea and coffee, and a pack of canned and dried foods as well as a spade for “bathroom requirements”.

Renters must bring a sleeping bag.

The “bespoke container bothy” offers lake views and is being rented by owners of the Carrick Castle Estate in Argyll and Bute.

Some social media users have called it an expensive eyesore.

Nick Parish commented: “Total eyesore. Hope these don’t start cropping up everywhere."

"You can get a decent hotel for that too, including a cooked breakfast.”

Maggie Christopher commented: “Basically offering a prison cell in a nice area for a stupid amount of money, they’ll go out of business even before they start, it boils down to pure greed on their part.”

Nicholla Ritchie wrote: “Absolutely disgusting that they put that eyesore there in the first place and then try to charge such a hideous amount."

"Hopefully there are not too many dafties willing to book it.”

Carrick Castle describe the Airbnb as a “bespoke-made container bothy” and a unique space in which to “enjoy the outdoors and beautiful views over a secluded lochan in the picturesque Loch Lomond & Trossachs National Park.”

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