Coleen Rooney tried to settle on Rebekah Vardy libel case THREE times

Coleen Rooney tried to reach settlement on her ‘Wagatha Christie’ libel case with Rebekah Vardy THREE times – as court documents reveal she kept ‘sting operation’ hidden from husband Wayne

  • Coleen tried to reach settlement in May and October 2020 and January 2021
  • Court documents also show she kept ‘sting operation’ hidden from everyone
  • She ordeal was ‘messing with my head that someone I trusted was doing this’.
  • Mrs Vardy denies leaking stories to the media and is suing Mrs Rooney for libel 

Coleen Rooney tried to reach a settlement with Rebekah Vardy over their ‘Wagatha Christie’ libel case three times – as court documents show she kept ‘sting operation’ hidden from husband Wayne.

Coleen, 36, says she was ‘confident in the truth’ when she publicly accused Mrs Vardy of leaking ‘false stories’ about her private life to the media in October 2019.

Mrs Vardy, husband of Leicester striker Jamie, denies the allegation and is suing for libel. 

Court documents have now revealed that Coleen offered to settle out of court in May and October 2020 and January 2021, The Sun reports.

A witness statement says: ‘I would like to highlight at the outset that I have sought to resolve this matter amicably on various occasions.

‘I was of the view that the time, money, resources and efforts involved could be better spent elsewhere, particularly in light of the pandemic. However, the efforts I made . . . were all in vain.’

And explaining her plan to uncover who was responsible for the leaks, she adds: ‘I did not mention this plan or the content of the Sting Operation to anyone or discuss it with any person at any time.

Coleen Rooney pictured as she arrived for the Tanya Beardsley’s Mental Mummies Charity Lunch at The Bridge in Cheshire this week

Rebekah Vardy, who is suing Ms Rooney for libel, pictured on the red carpet at the National Television Awards in January 2019

Mrs Rooney (bottom) accuses Mrs Vardy (top) of leaking stories from her private Instagram account to the media

‘Nobody knew the detail of what was going on apart from me. It killed me not telling anyone about it but I managed it.’

Their explosive week-long trial is due to begin on May 9.

But Coleen says she has no doubt the litigation will ‘benefit neither Becky nor myself’.

She continues: ‘I should, however, highlight that those attempts to compromise this dispute were not made due to any concern with the underlying merits or an absence of confidence in my position.

‘I was seeking to be pragmatic and to consider the bigger picture in order to enable both parties to move on with our respective lives — essentially, an olive branch, if you will.’

But she revealed the ordeal was ‘messing with my head that someone I trusted was doing this’.

Despite the pending hearing, though, Coleen condemned those sending Mrs Vardy ‘abusive and threatening messages’, slamming them as ‘unacceptable’.

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