Chilling obituary of Texan coronavirus victim includes ominous warning about deaths of innocent people’

A CHILLING obituary blamed the deaths of "innocent people" on politicians who didn't take the coronavirus pandemic seriously.

David Nagy, 79, died in a Texas hospital on July 22 after contracting the virus.

He had underlying health conditions including diabetes, heart problems and the early signs of dementia, according to reports.

Wife Stacey confirmed her husband's death with a chilling obituary in the local newspaper in Jefferson.

David, born in Utah, suffered "greatly" from the "ravages of the Covid-19 virus" and his family were not allowed at his bedside, according to the obituary.

He has left behind an "inconsolable" wife, his five children as well as numerous grandchildren, great grandchildren and friends.

The obituary described the 79-year-old's death as "needless."

"Family members blame his death and the deaths of all other innocent people, on Trump, Abbott, and all of the other politicians who did not take this pandemic seriously and were more concerned with their popularity and votes rather than lives."

Data shows that almost every state across the US has at least one county is experiencing an "epidemic trend" of confirmed coronavirus cases.

Stacey also attacked the "many ignorant, self-centred and selfish people" who didn't listen to health experts.

She said: "Also to blame are the many ignorant, self-centred and selfish people who refused to follow the advice of medical professionals, believing their "right" not to wear a mask was more important than killing innocent people."

Despite expert advice, mask wearing is a source of huge controversy in the US.

Texas Governor Gregg Abbott issued an executive order in July which mandated masks to be worn in public in all counties with 20 or more coronavirus cases.

One mayor slammed the legislation, claiming it "attacked civil liberties."

The final chilling words read: "Shame on all of you and may Karma find you all."

Stacey was glad that the obituary had gone viral, she told fact-checker Snopes.

"It gets me so angry that people are not taking this seriously."

"The people who are dying are the older people especially – a lot of younger people are dying too – but it's almost like they're saying: "Who cares about the older people?"

"I've been with my husband for 20 years and all of a sudden he's gone," she said.

"People should know how this makes others feel."

She doesn't see the pandemic as a political issue.

"It's life and death," she said.

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