Captain Tom Moore's book: What's it about and how can I buy it?

CAPTAIN Tom Moore wrote Tomorrow Will Be A Good Day in the wake of his remarkable fundraising campaign. 

Here we look at the book chronicling the life and times of a national hero.

What is Captain Tom Moore's book about? 

Tomorrow Will Be A Good Day: My Autobiography — A Sunday Times No 1 Bestseller — charts not only Sir Tom’s life but also 100 years of life in Britain. 

It takes the reader from his humble Yorkshire childhood, via the battlefields of Burma and the peaks of the Himalayas, to becoming the NHS and the nation's hero during the Covid pandemic lockdown.

How can you buy Captain Tom's book?

Tomorrow Will Be A Good Day can be bought in any book retailer or supermarket. 

It was published by Penguin Books on September 17 2020 and is available as a hardback, audiobook or on Kindle.

What other Captain Tom Moore books are there?

There is also One Hundred Steps: The Story of Captain Sir Tom Moore.

Published by Penguin, this is a picture book with proceeds supporting the creation of the Captain Tom Foundation.

It tells the incredible story of the man who walked 100 laps of his garden and captured the heart of a nation. 

Then there is Captian Tom Moore, another picture led book from the critically acclaimed Little People, BIG DREAMS series.

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