Canadian dog is scared of a pet cat

Pitbullied! Odin the scaredy dog tries to squeeze his chunky frame into cat’s tiny bed after kitten takes over his own comfy cushion

  • Odin the pitbull cross was evicted from his basket in Terrace, British Columbia
  • He was filmed by his owner trying to settle into a much smaller cat basket
  • The owner panned across the living room to show the cat in Odin’s larger basket 

This is the hilarious moment the most inappropriately-named pitbull terrier in the world was bullied by a kitten who moved into his dog basket. 

Odin, the pitbull cross, was filmed at his home in Terrace, British Columbia trying to squeeze into the cat’s tiny basket. 

In Norse mythology, Odin is the god of war, but his four-legged namesake is clearly desperate to avoid conflict. 

Odin, the three-and-a-half-year-old pitbull cross from British Columbia, is filmed trying to settle into a kitty basket which a far too small for his large frame

The large dog, named after the one-eyed Viking god of war, was unwilling to challenge a kitten

The small black and white cat was not worried about the dog’s discomfort, spending its time grooming itself in Odin’s basket

During the 20-second clip, the large dog is shown trying to settle in the small kitty basket. 

In the footage, his owner asks: ‘Odin, what are you doing? Why are you standing in the kitty bed, is it because the kitty is in your bed?’

The owner pans to the far side of the room where a small black and white cat can be seen curled up in the dog’s larger basket. The cat appears to be grooming itself.

In an expression of sympathy, his owner exclaims: ‘Oh buddy.’

Odin then gazes straight towards his owner with a look of resignation.

According to the owner, who does not wish to be identified: ‘Odin the 3.5 year old rescue pitbull mix is too scared to kick kitten out of his bed and instead decides to sit in the kitten’s tiny bed. Then looks up at his mom with a sad “help mom” face.’

According to Odin’s owner, the dog looked at her with ‘Help Mom’ eyes

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