California storm – Snow falls in Los Angeles as huge winter blast hammers Hollywood with thunder and hail

A HUGE storm has battered Southern California bringing heavy hail, lightning and even SNOW.

Last night, the howling winds and rain clouds moved into Ventura and Los Angeles counties and continued raging this morning, reports say.

Some LA residents even posted pictures of snow lying on the ground in the city known for its year-round sunshine.

One woman tweeted: "There is so much lightening and thunder and HAIL on my hill in LOS ANGELES that I have an inch of snow outside. #2020neverstops #SNOWINGinLOSANGELES."

Other pictures from last night, show lightning cracking in the dark skies over Hollywood.

Around six inches of snow is expected to fall in today in the mountains areas of Southern California

A second, more intense, wave of storm weather is set to move across Los Angeles county this afternoon, meteorologist David Sweet told the LA Times.

In the foothills up to two inches of rain is expected to fall while up to one inch is set to land in the coastal and valley regions.

Mr Sweet, of the National Weather Service, said: "It’s a very healthy storm.

“Hopefully this will relieve our high fire danger for a period of time.

"I can’t say it’ll relieve it entirely, but it might provide at least a brief respite.”

Temperatures are set to plummet to the 50s today and will remain cool even when the storm weather finishes by tomorrow.

Near-freezing or freezing temperatures are expected in parts of Lancaster and Santa Clarita Valley with a cold weather alert in those areas in place through Wednesday.

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