Bronx councilman slams ‘un-American’ NYPD for subpoena of Post reporter

It was “un-American” for the NYPD to subpoena a New York Post reporter’s social media data, according to a Bronx lawmaker, who is questioning this week whether the controversial move was even legal.

News of the subpoena seeking Twitter account data for Post Police Bureau Chief Tina Moore broke last month amid a top-down effort to close the spigot on department leaks. In documents reviewed by The Post, the department tried to use the post-9/11 federal anti-terror law The Patriot Act.

The top cop conceded last week that the department was wrong in issuing the subpoena — but kept the door open to issue future subpoenas, despite the mayor’s previous vow that the NYPD “will not do that going forward.”

The legal papers sought broad account data for Moore’s account @Tinamoorereport between Oct. 9 and Oct. 14. One expert said that info could allow the NYPD to essentially track the reporter’s movements over those days.

Shea said the subpoena was connected to an internal investigation of who in the department leaked gory crime scene photos to Moore, but he wasn’t aware of the order at the time.

He did, however, defend internal affairs investigators last week, saying he understood why they would start their investigation with Twitter since the photos were posted there.

Torres said the apology, which only came after public outrage, fell short.

“[W]hat the public needs is more than a gesture of contrition,” the councilman wrote.


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