Boris Johnson's Brexit deal is a victory for democracy and the 17.4million Brits who voted to leave the EU

Brexmas joy

BORIS’S Government doesn’t want a deal, they said. It’ll be impossible to strike a deal in a year, they said.

And yet one year on and here we are: on the cusp of a new, healthy relationship with our European friends — having just signed the biggest bilateral trade deal ever conceived.

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We don’t yet know all the details. But it looks like on the three key tests of money, borders and laws there has been very little backsliding from the Prime Minister.

Britain leaves the single market and the customs union and there’ll be no dynamic alignment with EU rules in the future. From January 1, Britain will be a fully independent nation, trading independently and run solely by politicians we can kick out.

It’s an enormous victory for democracy: those 17.4million Brits who voted for Britain to leave the EU haven’t been fobbed off with a semi-skimmed Brexit after all.

But it’s also a victory for the country. From scrapping nonsense policies like the EU’s tampon tax to creating an immigration system that looks at your skills and not your ethnicity, Britain’s future has rarely looked brighter.

And the cherry on the cake? With Labour, the Conservatives and the Brexit party all backing the deal, 2021 may finally be the moment the UK stops talking about Brexit.

Of course, not everything is perfect.

In some areas of the negotiations the Prime Minister has given ground.

There will be a five-and-a-half-year transition on European fishermen fishing in our waters — and Ursula von der Leyen spoke in her press conference of how the EU has “strong tools to incentivise” the UK to continue offering access to the European fishing fleet after that.

The Sun reserves judgment on that.

And with the country still deep in a Covid-induced recession, 2021 might not be plain sailing.

But at long, long last we are putting to bed the divisions and bitterness of the last five years and moving forward. Together.

And that, in our book, is cause for celebration.

Right message

CHRISTMAS felt strange for all of us this year. But at least we had the Queen’s broadcast to keep us grounded.

And as usual, she was bang on the money — especially when she said that life needs to go on.

Though we must all brace ourselves for a bleak winter, the vaccine is here — so once the elderly and vulnerable have been jabbed, things really can go back to some sort of normality.

Though it may not feel like it now, the year ahead is looking rosier than it has since March.

And we couldn’t be happier that Her Majesty, with Prince Philip at her side, will lead us into it.

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