Bored Brits' takeaway binges DOUBLED in lockdown and calorie intake rose 15%

LOCKDOWN binge eating saw us devour more than double our number of takeaway calories.

And bored Brits also gorged on home-made fatty treats, leading to a 15 per cent calorie intake rise.

The explosion in junk food happened while restaurants and cafes were closed for most of the last year — with people turning to takeaways instead.

Research by the Institute for Fiscal Studies found 90 per cent of households increased their calorie intake during lockdown.

Working-age people were the most likely to change their diets for the worse.

The IFS researchers used data on millions of food and drink purchases from stores, takeaways and restaurants in lockdown.

Brits did try to be healthy, with most extra calories eaten at home coming from home cooking rather than ready meals.

But the calorie increase from takeaways peaked at more than double last November.

Researcher Martin O’Connell said: “Our findings point towards increased home working as a major factor in driving higher calorie consumption.”

Meanwhile, Lloyds Pharmacy has produced a shocking image of what an average Brit will look like in five years if we keep unhealthy lockdown habits.

It shows an overweight woman with hunched shoulders caused by home working, sallow skin due to lack of sunlight, poor eyesight due to increased screen time and hair loss blamed on poor diet.

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