Antifa mob waves chilling sign vowing REVENGE as they smash Dem HQ and burn US flags after Biden inauguration

ANTIFA mobs clashed with cops in Portland, Sacramento and Seattle as rioters burned American flags outside Colorado’s capitol building in anti-police protests on Joe Biden’s Inauguration Day.

Hundreds of members of the militant left-wing-group gathered in cities across the US yesterday as cops were forced to fire tear gas as protests erupted into violence and vandalism.

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A chilling message on a protest banner carried by Antifa activists in Portland, Oregon, read "We don't want Biden, we want revenge".

The anarchists marched on the Democratic Party HQ in the city, smashing windows and vandalizing the building as they left destruction in their wake.

Federal police fired tear gas at rioters who threw rocks and eggs at the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement building in Portland, Oregon, lateWednesday night, according to authorities.

Up to 200 protesters gathered outside the building, as Federal Protective Services officers issued loudspeaker warnings to the demonstrators not to trespass on federal property, KGW-TV reported.

The ICE building has been the site of several violent clashes between demonstrators and federal police over the past year, particularly after the May 25 police-involved death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

In Denver, Colorado, the mob yelled, "no more cops in our community… f*** the pigs" as police tried to extinguish the flames of American flags set alight. 

It comes after Denver7 learned of three protests planned for at or around the Colorado State Capitol yesterday.

One claimed to be organized by Black Lives Matter and Antifa members, another claiming to be part of an anti-government movement, and the third called, "Colorado Inauguration March".

Iris Butler, an organizer of the "Colorado Inauguration March", said: "Our goal is to put pressure on elected officials and to remind the community that Biden and Harris did win but we still have to keep going, we still have to fight for change." 

Meanwhile, outside the Sacramento Capitol, what appeared to be Antifa demonstrators had gathered.

They pounded on drums and chanted "f*** you to the racist system, f*** you".

The Antifa members, some of them wielding clubs and shields, were seen marching through the streets of California's state capital on Wednesday, according to reports.

Many of them chanted slogans denouncing Immigration and Customs Enforcement. A few carried a large banner that read 'Abolish ICE.'

'No prisons, no walls – no USA at all,' they chanted.

Antifa demonstrators also marched and set fire to American flags in Seattle following Biden's inauguration.

Several people were arrested for property damage and assault, according to KIRO-TV, as the city's William Kenzo Nakamura Courthouse was vandalized and its windows smashed.

Antifa, which is short for "anti-fascist", is an anarchist group that has been unabashed by physical violence.

In November, Donald Trump slammed Antifa protesters as "criminal anarchists" after they were filmed burning an American flag and shouting "Death to your f***ing empire!" during an anti-capitalism protest. 

Trump has frequently denounced the militant left-wing anarchist group and vowed to officially label Antifa as a terrorist group. This never happened.

He campaigned during the 2020 election against them, saying a Biden win would mean more anti-police riots such as those that broke out across the USA following the death of George Floyd.

Meanwhile, the Antifa website has today been redirecting to the White House page following Biden's inauguration.

The apparent hack took place just minutes after Biden was sworn in as the 46th President of the United States.

Antifa is an umbrella term for a broad spectrum of far-left and anarchist groups.

The term itself means simply anti-fascist.

The size of Antifa is not known, and it is believed not to have any leaders.

Antifa has been around for decades but was fueled by the election of Donald Trump as president and a spate of police brutality across the US.

Gov. Jared Polis activated the Colorado National Guard to be on standby to protect the State Capitol in case any planned Inauguration Day protests turn violent.

Polis made the announcement during press conference yesterday to discuss the state’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The governor said he would be issuing an executive order based on the general threat on state capitols conveyed to law enforcement by the FBI last week.

An internal FBI bulletin had warned of nationwide armed protests at all 50 state capitol buildings.

The agency warned that protests would extend through Biden’s inauguration.

Meanwhile, a Trump flag was burned during a watch party of the televised Presidential Inauguration ceremony at Tree House Lounge in Atlanta, Georgia.

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