Adorable moment Labrador headbutts pal who snitched on him to owner about mess on the floor

THIS is the adorable moment a Labrador gently headbutted his pal after he snitched on him over a mess on the floor.

The footage shows the owner questioning his four dogs about what appears to be shredded fabric left on the ground.

He asks "Who did this, huh?" as the innocent-looking pooches stare at him.

But one of the Labs places a paw on his pal – appearing to finger him for the crime.

The less-than-impressed friend then headbutts the snitch in revenge.

The hilarious video was posted on TikTok, where it has been viewed more than 22million times.

One user commented: "If ya'll have siblings then you understand".

Another said: "This is me and my younger brother."

While one joked: "Crazy how all dogs can understand all languages."

The adorable dogs are famous on the video site and appear under the @petsbaby account.


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