Yellowstone season 5 theory: Kayce to abandon Dutton Ranch after Grimes clue?

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Paramount Network’s acclaimed series, Yellowstone came to an end with Kayce Dutton (played by Luke Grimes) exploring spirituality with a vision quest. After the actor dropped a major clue about his character’s fate, it looks as though Kayce could abandon his heirloom, the Dutton Ranch.

The fourth season of Yellowstone saw Kayce begin to question his family, future and where he was headed.

This came after his father John Dutton (Kevin Costner) asked him to take out the men who attempted to kill him in the season three finale.

When he completed his task, Kayce appeared to be purposeless, despite his happy home with his wife Monica and son Tate.

Throughout the series, the ranch hand consistently protected his family from harm and without an enemy to take out, he had no idea where his life was headed.

As a result, he confided in Tribal Chairman Thomas Rainwater (Gil Birmingham) who convinced him to embark on a spiritual journey.

In order to gain clues about his future, he went through a difficult ritual which also gave him visions about the past.

Although the Hanbleceya was sacred to the Lakota people, Kayce was able to cross into the spirit world to seek his purpose.

While fans are yet to see what his fate could be, Kayce underwent the Hanbleceya which involved four days and four nights alone in a secluded spot in the mountains, inside of a limited ritual space enclosed only by prayer ties, without any food or water.

Another motivating reason why he chose to undergo the spiritual ritual was because he continued to spot mysterious sightings of a wolf.

Mo Rainwater (Mo Brings Plenty) explained it was his spirit animal and it could give him a vision if he cried hard enough during the ritual.

During a discussion at Deadline’s Contender’s TV event, the actor Grimes opened up about his character’s fate.

He revealed: “I should know a lot more when I read some of season five scripts, I didn’t know what that wolf was about.”

The actor added: “He’s dealing with major PTSD from the stuff he had to do, which you finally get a little taste of at the end of Season four.

“This guy has had to see a lot of things that most people never see.

“He’s got a big heart, he loves his family and unfortunately he was forced to do some things he’s not proud of.”

Grimes continued: “Michael Corleone is a reference we talked about in Season one, Kayce is between a rock and a hard place.”

Speaking on the Dutton Ranch he added: “He has loyalty to his family and the legacy there.

“It’s something he could lead but he’s constantly having to amend that decision, as the seasons go on he has to pick a side.”

The season also saw Kayce join his wife Monica’s indigenous tribe, and she had always wanted to get away from the Duttons and their criminal lives, they could all move away.

Kayce’s intense hallucinations during the ritual also revealed his marriage with Monica may not last, so perhaps fans could see him moving away on his own.

In a separate interview, Kelsey Asbille who starred as Monica disclosed: “I hope that they’ll be happy in the end, but it’s not likely, to be honest.”

Yellowstone seasons 1-4 are available to stream on the Paramount Network in the USA now. Yellowstone is now available to stream on PlutoTV in the UK.

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