Who was Lisa Hunter in Hollyoaks and what happened to her?

Trigger warning: this article contains references to self-harm

Hollyoaks is set to revisit one of its most harrowing storylines in the latest week of Hollyoaks@25, as it reaches the first part of the last decade with a week of episodes focusing on Lisa Hunter (Gemma Atkinson).

The episodes – presented by Ruby O’Donnell (Peri) and Haiesha Mistry (Yasmine), focus on Lisa’s self-harm storyline, which was the character’s most remembered plot during Gemma’s five years in the soap.

But just who was Lisa Hunter – and what happened to her?

Ahead of Hollyoaks@25, here’s what you need to know…

Who was Lisa Hunter in Hollyoaks?

Lisa was the daughter of Sally and Les Hunter, and the ex-girlfriend of Ben Davies (Marcus Patric), who was first seen in Hollyoaks in May 2001.

The then teenage character quickly became popular at school but was bullied by jealous Steph Dean (Carley Stenson) – while Lisa’s friend Zara also turned against her and began bullying her after she began dating her ex-boyfriend Brian Drake (Jonathan Le Billon).

Lisa turned to self-harm to cope with the bullying and kept it a secret from everyone until Brian Drake found the cuts on her arms and legs and called a social worker, assuming she was being abused.

She admitted to self-harming at that point and began seeing a counsellor who helped her life to return to normal.

That wasn’t the only trouble she faced however – with Lisa later splitting up with Brian and getting together with Cameron Clark (Ben Gerrard) – only to begin receiving threatening messages from a stalker, later revealed to be Brian.

The bullying storyline was later revisited when Steph continued her relentless bullying campaign later and Lisa headed to the edge.


But when Steph was eventually confronted about her behaviour, she saw the error of her ways and made amends with Lisa.

Later storylines saw Lisa become a model and start a relationship with Ben Davies – but that ended in tragedy when she went to work for crooked businesswoman Stella Grey (Claire King) and was subsequently kidnapped by her henchmen in a bid to force her into starring in porn.

She had a change of heart and allowed Lisa to escape – leading to her accidentally shooting and killing Ben as he came to save her, believing him to be one of her henchmen,

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