Who is controversial contestant Noah Erb from The Bachelorette?

NOAH Erb, a 25-year-old travel nurse from Oklahoma, is one of several new men leading lady Tayshia Adams gets to choose from in her quest for love on The Bachelorette.

The season's preview trailer which aired on November 10 suggests that Noah may be a controversial contestant.

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Who is Noah Erb?

Tayshia Adams was met with new men on debut episode of The Bachelorette, including contestant Noah Erb.

Noah is a 25-year-old from travel nurse from Tulsa, Oklahoma.

According to his Instagram, Noah is a family man, and frequently posts selfies with his twin brother.

He revealed to Tayshia on episode five that there are a dozen children in his family.

He is religious and writes in his bio that he "loves Jesus, loves people, loves living, and refuses to leave this world unchanged."

What does he do for work?

As a travel nurse, Noah is seen on his Instagram in all kinds of beautiful destinations like the Philippines, the slopes of Canada and the mountains of Colorado.

He currently boats 14,000 followers on Instagram, so perhaps he may be adding social media influencer to his resume as his following grows.

He runs a faith-based blog and posts introspective questions like "How does one give thanks and show appreciation to THE ONE who has it all?" and "How can one offer wisdom on things he himself does not yet understand?"

Why is he controversial?

Noah didn't get much screen time in Tayshia's debut episode, but judging by the season preview trailer, he's set to bring drama to the series.

In the promo airing at the end of the Nov. 10 episode, Noah is seen jumping into what looks like a fighting ring, with a voiceover accompaniment from the other contestants claiming they're "not too pleased" with him.

Who does Tayshia Adams pick in the series?

According to leaked information from Reality Steve, Tayshia's top fourĀ are:Ā Ben Smith,Ā Zac Clark,Ā Brendan Morais,Ā andĀ Ivan Hall.

Ultimately, her final choice is said to be Zac C.

In 2017, Zac C. co-founded a recovery program, Release Recovery, after putting his own party days behind him.

His bio also called his work his ā€œlifeā€™s purpose.ā€ And now, heā€™s looking forward to building his life with someone special.

According to the spoiler king, Brendan will choose to leave, and he wonā€™t get a hometown date.

Ben and Zac C. are allegedly her final two, but she ultimately gives her final rose to Zac C.

How can I watch the next episode of The Bachelorette?

Season 16 ofĀ The BacheloretteĀ continues on Tuesday, Nov. 17, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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