Where is Colin in Black and White filmed?

Colin in Black and White: Colin Kaepernick stars in Netflix trailer

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Netflix subscribers are eagerly anticipating Colin in Black and White, former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s new series. Colin in Black and White will be a dramatisation of his younger years rather than of his successful sporting career. While he was growing up, Colin had a difficult time fitting in and wanted to share his story through this new series.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Colin in Black and White.

Besides playing for the 49ers for six seasons, Colin Kaepernick is known for being an activist.

He famously went down on one knee while the American national anthem was being sung before a game in 2016.

This was his way of silently protesting against racism in America and has led to various other sportspeople from around the world doing the same.

So while he may be known for NFL, Kaepernick and his new Netflix documentary isn’t about the game.

Colin in Black and White depicts the sportsman’s life from when he was in high school.

When he was four years old, Kaepernick was adopted by a white family and moved from Wisconsin to Turlock.

Over the years, he struggled to fit in as he was mixed race and didn’t know where he belonged in the world.

The six-part drama will focus on Kaepernick’s issues with identity when he was younger as well as racism growing up.

Where is Colin in Black and White filmed?

Few details have come out about where Colin in Black and White was filmed.

However, it is known that filming did take place in both New York City and Los Angeles.

More specifically, Turlock, California, where Kaepernick grew up in real life.

Turlock is the second-largest city in Stanislaus County with a growing population of around 73,000.

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The majority of the story is set in Turlock as well so the drama very much revolves around the town.

Starring in Colin in Black and White is young actor Jaden Michael as Kaepernick when he was a teen.

He has previously been in Wonderstruck, Growing Up and Other Lies and The Bug Diaries.

Kaepernick himself is also in the show, providing commentary and off-screen narration.

Kaepernick co-created the drama alongside director Ava DuVernay.

She is best known for her work on When They See Us, Selma and 13th.

DuVernay told ABC Audio she and Kaepernick were keen to explore finding yourself in your teens.

She explained: “It’s worthy of examination. It’s worthy about thinking,

“‘Where do I come from? And how do I get these thoughts in my head? And do I still believe those things? Or is this just a habit?’

“And all of these questions that we embed in the piece.”

Colin in Black and White will be released on Friday, October 29, on Netflix.

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