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OVER the last few decades, the world has had to say goodbye to many familiar faces who have tragically passed away.

In particular, many fans have noticed a pattern of stars dying before making it past the age of 27.

What is the 27 Club?

The 27 Club gained prominence after the tragic passing of Kurt Cobain in 1994.

It has since been used to refer to the deaths of famous musicians who passed away at the age of 27.

Who are the members of the 27 Club?

The members of the 27 Club include:

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Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson was an American blues musician and songwriter from Hazlehurst, Mississippi.

He rose to fame between 1936 and 1937 due to his unique style, which later classified him as a master of the blues.

Johnson tragically passed away in 1938 after drinking poisoned whiskey.

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Brian Jones

Brian Jones died on July 3, 1969Credit: Getty – Contributor

Brian Jones was an English multi-instrumentalist, singer, and songwriter from Cheltenham, United Kingdom.

He was famously known as the founder of the Rolling Stones.

Jones tragically passed away in 1969 from an apparent accidental drowning.

Alan "Blind Owl" Wilson

Alan Wilson was an American musician from Arlington, Massachusetts.

He was famously known as the co-founder and primary composer of the blues band Canned Heat.

Wilson tragically passed away in September 1970 after suffering a drug overdose, according to History.

Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix was a popular guitarist, singer, and songwriter from Seattle, Washington.

Since his passing, he has been recognized as one of the most influential electric guitarists in the history of popular music.

Hendrix passed away in September 1970 after asphyxiating on his own vomit.

Janis Joplin

Janis Joplin was a singer and musician from Port Arthur, Texas.

She was known for the popular songs Down on Me, Kozmic Blues, Cry Baby, and Move Over.

Joplin passed away in October 1970 from a heroin overdose.

Jim Morrison

Jim Morrison was a singer, poet, and songwriter from Melbourne, Florida.

He was famously known as the lead vocalist of The Doors.

Morrison passed away in July 1971 after suffering from a heart attack, which was reportedly linked to a heroin overdose.

Ron "Pigpen" McKernan

Ron McKernan was a singer and musician from San Bruno, California.

He was famously known as a founding member of the Grateful Dead.

McKernan passed away in March 1973 from an internal hemorrhage.

Dave Alexander

Dave Alexander was a musician from Whitmore Lake, Michigan.

He was famously known as the original bassist for the popular band, The Stooges.

Alexander passed away in February 1975 after suffering from pulmonary edema, which was linked to his heavy drinking, according to Rolling Stone.

Pete Ham

Pete Ham was a Welsh singer, songwriter, and guitarist from Swansea, United Kingdom.

He was famously known as the lead vocalist and composer of the rock band Badfinger.

Ham passed away in April 1975 from suicide.

Chris Bell

Chris Bell was a guitarist, singer, and songwriter from Memphis, Tennessee.

He was known for leading the popular pop band Big Star.

Bell passed away in December 1978 after sustaining injuries in a car accident on the way home from band rehearsal.

Dennes Boon

Boon was a musician from San Pedro, California.

He was famously known as the guitarist and vocalist of the punk rock trio Minutemen.

Boon passed away in December 1985 after breaking his neck in a car accident.

Mia Zapata

Mia Zapata was a musician from Chicago, Illinois.

She was famously known as the lead singer for The Gits.

Zapata died in July 1993 after she was murdered on her way home from a music venue.

Jesus Mezquia was later charged and convicted of her murder and sentenced to 36 years in prison.

He died in May 2021 in jail at the age of 66.

Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain was a popular singer, songwriter, and artist from Aberdeen, Washington.

He was famously known for his role in the band, Nirvana.

Cobain passed away in April 1994 from suicide and left behind his wife, Courtney Love, and their daughter, Frances Bean Cobain.

Kristen Pfaff

Kristen Pfaff was a musician from Buffalo, New York.

She was known as the bassist for Hole and was previously a member of the Minneapolis-based band Janitor Joe.

Pfaff died in June 1994 from a heroin overdose.

Randy Walker

Randy Walker, also known by the stage name Stretch, was a rapper and record producer from Queens, New York.

He rose to fame in the late 1980s while working with Live Squad and later joined Tupac's rap group Thug Life.

Walker died in November 1995 after he was shot.

Jeremy Michael Ward

Jeremy Michael Ward was a musician from Fort Worth, Texas.

He was best known as the sound technician and vocal operator for The Mars Volta and De Facto.

Ward passed away in May 2003 from a heroin overdose.

Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse was a popular English singer and songwriter from Enfield.

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She was famously known for the hit song Rehab, which was inspired by her battles with drug and alcohol addiction.

Winehouse passed away in July 2011 from accidental alcohol poisoning.

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