What happens to Archie and Arthur in Emmerdale?

Laurel (Charlotte Bellamy) has known for some time that Arthur had previously been cruelly bullying Jai’s (Chris Bisson) son Archie in Emmerdale.

Arthur had been hurting Archie at any opportunity, but Laurel has thus far kept the truth of her son’s bullying behaviour secret from Jai.

But in coming scenes, that’s all about to change…

What happens to Archie and Arthur?

In scenes tonight, a cabinet will fall on poor Archie and he’ll instinctively accuse Arthur.

Laurel, who will believe that Arthur is to blame, will be left with no other choice but to come clean with Jai about what she knows when Arthur tries to confess

Actress Charlotte told Metro.co.uk that Jai will be ‘aghast that Laurel would keep this a secret from him’.

What could this mean for Jai and Laurel’s relationship? And will Archie and Arthur ever be able to get past the fact that Arthur has bullied him so mercilessly?


On the subject of all this drama, Charlotte added to Metro.co.uk: ‘I think as a parent myself, you ultimately want to protect your child. You might not agree with what they’ve done — and, of course, she doesn’t agree and that’s where she’s completely torn, because she wants to protect him.

‘She knows that he’s had a really awful time losing his dad and now he’s lost Sandy, but she kind of wants to do the right thing, and I think the audience are already thinking that isn’t the right thing, that the truth is the right thing, but she’s in a really difficult position, because emotions run high especially when it’s your child.

‘I think — if she sat down and really thought about it — she’s probably thinking “oh no, he’ll be okay, he’s going to get better” and I think she daren’t think “oh my god. This has sort of changed him of the rest of his life”.’


She added: ‘He’s going to be very unsettled; he’s going to be very rebellious because of something that she couldn’t control. She could never control the death of Ashley, she could never control his dementia or Sandy’s death. And we have to remember what Emma did too him as well.

‘All of these things, and he was such a young boy. What are the effects on him long-term? She couldn’t control any of that, so I think she’s horrified that this is out of her control.’

Emmerdale is next on tonight at 7pm on ITV.

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