Trevor Noah Talks Biden's Big Win, Big Gaffes on 'Daily Show'

Trevor Noah broke down Joe Biden’s big Democratic primary turnaround as well as his most embarrassing gaffes on The Daily Show Monday.

Biden won easily in South Carolina over the weekend, and took the opportunity to remind his supporters in his victory speech that, while the media had declared his campaign all but dead, he was now “very much alive.”

“Yes, Joe Biden is very much alive,” Noah deadpanned, “which isn’t something candidates usually need to remind people, but that’s still, OK, it’s a great campaign slogan!”

As a result of Biden’s victory, the moderate wing of the Democratic party has finally started to coalesce, with Tom Steyer, Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar all dropping out and the latter two formally endorsing Biden Monday night. But as Noah noted, Biden still has not only Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and “billionaire-in-a-booster-seat” Mike Bloomberg to contend with at the ballot — his own worst enemy may be himself. In the 24 hours following his South Carolina win, Biden called Fox News host Chris Wallace “Chuck” and forgot the words to the Declaration of Independence.

“The name thing on its own is bad because interviews are sort of like sex,” Noah joked. “It doesn’t matter how well it goes, if you call the person the wrong name at the end, the whole thing is ruined.”

Noah acknowledged that there’s plenty of reasons to be concerned about a gaffe-prone Biden winning the nomination, then getting up on a debate stage with President Donald Trump. But The Daily Show host did point out one possible upside: “Trump is the one person who won’t know when Joe has messed up,” Noah cracked. “Joe will be on the debate stage with Trump like, ‘All men are created, um, you know the thing!’ And then Trump will be like, ‘That’s right, we all know the thing!’”

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