Tipping Point fans red-faced over Ben Shephards steamy well hung comment

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Ben Shephard left fans red in the face when he burst out with an incredibly sexy-sounding comment on Tipping Point.

ITV viewers were stunned at their TV sets when they heard the words come out of ben's mouth – and many couldn't believe that he'd actually made the rude-remark on national television.

The Tipping Point presenter is never too far away from a sexual innuendo, and Tuesday's broadcast (December 21) was certainly no different.

Ben was hosting the third round of the ITV game show – which involves his players trying to knock counters off of the shelves of the famous Tipping Point machine.

The contestants are asked questions on general knowledge – and right answers win them the opportunity to play on the arcade machine.

However, the show took a racy turn in the third round, when Ben described the machine as having a "seriously well hung shelf."

ITV viewers were shocked at Ben's "bold" choice of words, and many rushed to Twitter to spot his mistake.

One fan wrote: "A seriously well hung shelf. Good grief Ben!

A second viewer asked: "Did he seriously just use the term "well hung"?"

A third user commented: "A seriously well-hung shelf"

A fourth added: ""Seriously hung shelf. That's a bold statement."

A fifth quoted Ben: "That's a seriously well hung shelf!!!!"

It's not the first time Ben's fallen victim to a cheeky-sounding comment on the game show.

He once told a contestant that the Tipping Point machine had some "hairy gaps" in it.

He said: "There are some hairy gaps on that row!" when describing a player's chances of winning counters from the shelf.

Another time, he told a player that he might get his hands on a rival player's "dangler" – referring, of course, to the counters in the game.

He said: "Could get your hands on Lottie's danglers there, they're just waiting to go"

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