Tipping Point fans left bored as Ben Shephard discusses toilets on quiz show

ITV's Tipping Point host Ben Shephard left fans bored and confused after he asked one contestant about toilets rather than quizzing them on their general knowledge for a chance on the machine.

The Good Morning Britain presenter, who has been hosting Tipping Point for nearly 10 years, took viewers on a tangent that left them frustrated and impatient to get back on with the show.

The 46-year-old started quizzing Gurpage on his knowledge of the toilet industry after discovering he was a bathroom salesman.

Although Ben usually takes a moment in the show to get to know the guests, fans were not expecting Ben to have such an in-depth conversation about toilets.

Ben asked Gurpage: "Do know what I don't see enough of? Bidets, do you sell many of them these days?"

After replying about some of his knowledge of the industry, Gurpage joked that his own toilet was "bog standard".

However, fans were not impressed by the quite literal toilet humour.

One fan tweeted: "Yes, fascinating, but can we get it over with?"

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Another chimed in: "Why's Shepherd so interested in toilets?"

A third social media user wrote: "What's with all the contestant chat on Tipping Point? Did they run out of rounds?"

Clearly keen to get back to the best part of the hit ITV game show, fans didn't have much patience for toilet talk.

One fan wrote: "Dear ITV, nobody gives a s**** about the idle chit-chat!"

Although fans were not too charmed by Ben's talk of bidets, high-tech toilets and bathroom appliances, he is normally adored by fans.

Recently, Ben had to take a break from his TV work after he suffered a serious injury to his knee.

After having surgery on his ACL to help his body heal, Ben is finally on the mend.

The fitness fanatic even shared a picture of his first park run after his knee injury.

Uploading a picture to Instagram, Ben was all smiles.

In the caption he wrote: "Huge smiles from me and @runsinpearls we did our first @parkrunuk together for months it was really really great.

"It was my first run post #aclsurgery I'm about 11 weeks post op now. It wasn’t quick, it wasn’t pretty but it was bloody marvellous to be out and getting the running back in my legs."

Tipping Point airs every weekday at 4pm on ITV. Catch up now on the ITVhub.

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