Tim Lovejoy sparks fury with ‘rude’ response to Sunday Brunch guest

Sunday Brunch: Mark Gatiss reveals his Hooters past

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This week, Simon Rimmer and Tim Lovejoy welcomed singer Conor Maynard, TV personality Giovanna Fletcher, drag queen Cheryl Hole, actor Mark Gatiss and presenter Fearne Cotton to the Channel 4 breakfast show. They also spoke with Guillaume about his upcoming tour as a mime and how exactly they can perfect the craft. However, the hosts and their guests’ reactions to the demonstration didn’t go down well with fans at home.

Guillaume first sat down with Tim and Simon on his own where he delved into his love of mime and how it differs from a career as an actor.

“For me, mime is about making a portrait or making something from something else,” Guillaume explained as Tim and Simon listed intentively.

However, the Channel 4 hosts’ attention appeared to wain when Guillaume got them involved in trying mime out for themselves.

Mark and Fearne joined the trio on the sofas to also take part when things started to go awry.

Tim could be seen smirking as Guillaume explained they were going to mime using a pencil to suddenly remember something they had to write down.

But to use their “whole body”, everyone had to stand, prompting an unimpressed Tim to quip: “Oh no, we’re standing up.”

“Were you not in that place?” Simon sarcastically said before Fearne added: “Too taxing for this time of day.”

As Guillaume delved into the demo, Fearne started speaking to someone off-camera while Tim could be seen stifling laughter.

Fearne continued to chuckle at “Tim’s face” throughout the demo before the Sunday Brunch went rogue and pretended his pencil was defying gravity.

“Can I apologise for them tacking the mice out of your incredible craft,” Simon added before saying goodbye to Guillaume.

Gabrielle wrote: “Tim needs to start showing some respect to his segment guests, he is coming across as really rude!

“(Especially just now to the mime artist guy). He is not funny and it is embarrassing (Hence Simon having to apologise for Tim’s behaviour).”
@SS71 said: “Hey @timlovejoy, Why did you feel the need to be so incredibly disrespectful and rude to the mime artist?”

Meanwhile, @FunDisney commented: “The mime artist was offended by Tim then. It was rude and unprofessional.”

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Other viewers also found TV personality Fearne Cotton’s attitude towards the artist rude as well.

Eddie Cafe added: “Just watched an extremely embarrassing display to the mime artist guest.

“@Fearnecotton was particularly disrespectful. Grow up! #sundaybrunch”.

Hudson continued: “Nothing like taking the p*** out of your guest!”

Other moments in this weekend’s Sunday Brunch included chats with drag queen Cheryl Hole and former I’m A Celebrity winner Giovanna Fletcher.

Chefs Martyn Odell and Lorcan Spiteri were also on hand to serve a few delicious dishes throughout the show.

At the end of the show, guests and viewers at home were treated to a performance by Conor Maynard.

Sunday Brunch airs every Sunday at 9.30am on Channel 4.

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