This Morning turns awkward as Phillip Schofield swerves ‘gay’ remark from guest

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Miriam Margoyles is loved for not beating around the bush and she certainly astounded This Morning fans as she quizzed Philip Schofield about his sexuality.

The British actress, 80, had been explaining to Philip ,59, and Holly Willoughby, 40, about how she had felt "guilty" about coming out as gay and her mother sadly suffering a stroke not long after.

As the conversation continued, she turned to Phil adding: "I mean you've been very brave, you came out."

She added: "I sort of thought you might be gay, you know when I met you."

Phil asked: "Did you?"

Miriam interjected: "You know because you're a bit camp."

Laughing and seemingly lost for words, Phil nodded before telling her: "I think most people are a bit camp on tele if I'm honest."

As the segment unfolded, comments on Twitter erupted as fans couldn't believe Miriam had been so bold about Phil's situation.

One person added: "Miriam Margolyes is a real person, no fake bulls**t around her! #thismorning."

Another added: "Miriam to Phil: I always knew you were a bit gay she really care what she says that is why I love her #ThisMorning."

A third explained: "I'm SCREAMING at Miriam dragging Philip, go on pop off sis #thismorning,"

"Thank you Miriam for being the legend that you really are and making my Tuesday so much better. Keep being amazing #ThisMorning," chimed a forth.

But others were disappointed and questioned her approach.

"#MariamMargoyle to #PhillipSchofield 'Well you were very brave for coming out' Phillip nods and agrees Who does that? #ThisMorning," asked one online user.

A second agreed: "Jesus. Miriam thingy not to my liking at all. Each to their own tho.#ThisMorning."

Meanwhile, in the interview Miriam discussed her shape with the two hosts.

She blurted: "Well it does bother me, I’ve got a fat belly my t**s hang down. I mean it's a nuisance.

"Well your areas don't descend… or do they?"

Holly interjected for co-star Phil: "I think it comes to all of us eventually."

Before Phil explained: "Gravity comes for everybody."

This Morning airs at 10am on ITV.

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