'This Is Us' Creator Shares First Look at Season 6 and It's a 'Doozy'

This Is Us fans have been reeling since the dramatic season 5 ending. Now, everyone is looking to the final season to see which loose ends will be tied up and how the show will finish out all of the characters’ storylines. Now, show creator Dan Fogelman has just dropped a huge easter egg about what is to come in the final season.

What is the Easter egg from ‘This Is Us’ Season 6?

Recently, Fogelman tweeted a screenshot of the script for an episode in season 6 that read, “Episode 601: “The #$%^@$%#*&,.’

“One down,” he captioned the tweet. The This Is Us writers then replied to the tweet, saying the episode is “a doozy.”

Later, Fogelman clarified the tweet.

“Studio informed me that there’s confusion and asked if I wanted to clarify that this is not the title of our first episode,” he wrote. “Nope. I just didn’t want to spoil anything and I’m old and bad at internet. It’s the right amount of letters though, so do your thing. #ThisIsUs.”

Toby and Kate’s fate in ‘This Is Us’ Season 6

Fans were shocked at the end of season 5 to learn that Toby and Kate will split in season 6.

“Yes, [Chris Geere] is going to be a big part of [season 6],” Fogelman recently told reporters, according to People. “As for the decision to have this timeline, which is essentially four years into the future for [Kate’s] second wedding, it’s been part of our plan all along from go. Obviously, we’ve hinted many times that something was not normal between [Kate and Toby] and here we are.”

This will obviously be a hard pill for fans to swallow as it was also tough for Krissy Metz, who plays Kate.

“It’s hard for me because Chris Sullivan is my ride or die. That is my boy,” she told Entertainment Tonight earlier this year. “I remember when Dan and I had the conversation about what was going to go down, I was literally crying on the Zoom. I know that is not a surprise for anybody but there’s this beautiful chapter that we know has ended and that he was so instrumental in all the growth that Kate had, and I think that’s what’s so bittersweet about relationships. You’re like, ‘I made that person better! And now they’re happier!’ But that’s the point of life, right? Is the evolution of who we are as people and our soul, our spirit, our mind, and so while it is really hard to digest… I can’t wait to see and discover what has happened in the relationship to see this moment in time five years in the future. You know it’s going to be good. It’s going to be really good.”

Does Kevin end up alone?

At the end of season 5, Kevin was left on his wedding day. Throughout the series, Kevin has jumped from romantic entanglement to romantic entanglement and in the series finale, it isn’t guaranteed that he will necessarily find love.

“So with Kevin and the second marriage for Kate, we have some new territory to explore,” Fogelman said, according to People. “That will be a big thing driving us forward next season. Who will Kevin wind up with? Will he end up with anybody we know? Does he wind up with anybody at all? One way or another that question will be answered. I can’t answer if he winds up getting married or not yet.”

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